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7GB Data Plan

Now you can Share, Talk, Stream, Watch and Browse freely without any worries. Get BIG PHAT 7GB Data with Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS!

Not only that, when you buy a 7GB Plan on your Any Net SIM, you get amazing value such as free Calls & SMS, Triple Up Any Network by which you can use the Free money to Call & SMS other networks in Fiji & Top international destination. More Value than before! 

Big Phat Data plan is ONLY AVAIBLE ON THE ANYNET SIM (you can opt into $7 for 7GB on other SIM plans but you will not be entitled to Triple up and Unlimited Digicel to Digicel calls).

Call our customer care to convert you SIM Plan to ANYNET SIM, upon conversion only then you will receive the Big Phat Data Plan.


Bundle Price



7 Days


1. Where can I get my 7GB data plan?
The 7GB data plan is available on My Digicel APP or *555# Menu.

  • How do I get 7GB Data on My Digicel App?
    Customers need to Login to My Digicel APP. Go to the My Plans section off the APP and buy the 7GB Data plan for $7.

  • How do I get 7GB Data on *555#?
    All Prepaid Customer’s excluding tourist plan can dial *555# and Select Option 1 to avail of 7GB data plan.

    Multiple opt-ins are allowed on the 7GB data plan. Customers can re-purchase the    7GB data plan as many time’s during the promotion period

2. What happens if a customer is not on the Any Net SIM?
Customer may not get the bonanza or 3 up promotion if their sim plan is not applicable to the offer 

3. Does 7GB data plan rollover?
Yes, unused data from 7GB data plan will rollover if customers re-purchase data plan before it has expired.

4. Does the 7GB data plan auto renew?
Yes the 7GB data plan does auto-renew.

5. What happens if I run out of data on my 7GB plan?
Out of bundle rates will not apply if bundle has depleted and customers have not re-opted again. They will get a message to re-opt in. 

6. Will I get data usage notifications?
Yes, customers will get 75% & 90% usage notifications are enabled on the data plan.

7. How long is the 7GB data bundle valid for?
The bundle is valid for 7 days.

8. How will a customer know that they have successfully opted into the 7GB data plan?
Customer will receive a confirmation SMS:

“You are now subscribed to 7GB Data plan. Plan expires in 7 days. Visit my Digicel APP or dial *555# to opt in again.

  • Big Phat data plans are available on all Prepaid price plans excluding the Tourist SIM.
  • Customers have to visit My Digicel App or dial *555# to opt into the Big Phat data bundles.
  • Data rollover is applicable on opt-in before the expiry of the data bundle.
  • Customer’s need to have sufficient credit for auto renewal.

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