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Sign up and Win

It’s a season of giving and we would like to reward our customers by giving them a chance to own a new Smart TV in the New Year.

The Triple Play Home Bundle offers Sky Pacific, an Unwired broadband package, and a set of two exclusive Free Calling SIMS bundled for just $79.95 per month. All new Triple Play signups will receive 10GB Digicel mobile data, and all will also go into a draw where 6 winners will each receive a Samsung 43inch Smart Television on Friday 19th January, 2018.


1.    Where can I Sign Up for Triple Play and go in the Draw?
This promotion is exclusively available at any Digicel stores or Authorized dealers.

2.    When does the Sign Up and Win promotion end?
The promotion ends 31st December 2017

3.    How is the 10GB Data rewarded?
10GB of Mobile data is awarded to one of the two SIM’s provided with Triple Play Sign Up.

4.    When do I receive my 10GB mobile Data?
10GB Mobile data is awarded within 24 hours together with your Unwired/Sky activation.

5.    When does 10GB Mobile Data Expire?
10GB Mobile data expires in 30 days.

6.    Will I receive 10GB mobile data every month?
No, 10GB Mobile Data is awarded on Sign Up. However if you wish to pay your monthly subscriptions from Mobile (*555#) you will be awarded 10GB mobile data every month with mobile payments.  

7.    Is 10GB Data only rewarded when you have a Digicel SIM?
Yes, only to the one of the SIM provided on sign up

8.    Does Installation fees apply for Triple Play sign up?
Yes, Installation fee are as follows:

  • New Customers: $199.00
  • Existing Sky Pacific Customers: $100.00
  • Existing Unwired Customers: $99.00

9.    What is my monthly fee for Triple Play?
Monthly Fee for Triple Play is $79.95

10.    When is the draws for the Samsung TV’s?
Draws will be done on the 19th of January, 2017.

11.    Can I opt in to 5GB data on both SIM provided on Sign Up?
No, only one SIM will be awarded with 10GB mobile data.

12.    Can customer transfer 10GB of Mobile data to Unwired?
No, 10GB is awarded to one of the two SIM’s provided on Sign Up. Unwired data allocation is 60GB Anytime & 40GB Off-peak.  

  • Exclusively available at Digicel stores and authorized dealers. Installation fees apply.
  • 60GB Any Time Data & 40GB Off Peak is exclusive to the Triple Play offer only.
  • 10GB FREE mobile data is rewarded on the sign up to Triple Play.
  • Winners will be awarded with 43" UHD 4K Flat Smart TV MU6100 Series 6.
  • Draws for the 6 x Samsung Smart TVs are at random.
  • Offer ends 31st December 2017, Draws will be done on the 19th of January, 2018.

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