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Sky Pacific's Triple Play Home Bundle just got better!!

For $79.95 get:

- 25 Sky Pacific Channels;

- 100GB of Broadband Data (60GB Anytime and 40GB off-peak from 1am - 7am);

- 10GB Free Mobile Data (Rewarded on the payment of Triple Play bill via Digicel Mobile recharge);

- Free Calls



1) How do I opt into the new Triple Play Plan, I am an existing customer?

    A Customers plan will be changed by the end of the next working day however full data bundle will be available from next billing cycle.

2) Does my Billing Cycle change if I move over to the new plan?

No, your billing cycle remains the same. For new customers billing cycle is from the date Sky Pacific is activated.

3) Does the customer give away the current existing data to opt in for this new plan?

A customer can migrate to the new plan at any date however the full data bundle will be available from next billing cycle.

4) I am an existing Triple Play customer when will I receive 60GB Anytime & 40GB Offpeak Data

You will receive this bundle on your next renewal

5) When applying for new Data plan, what happens to the credit balance?

On the existing plan because its prepaid there shouldn’t be a credit balance however if there is an advance it will wait for expiry of bundle before re-attaching the data bundle.

6) How often should I make a payment?

The Triple Play Bundle is a 30 day bundle and payments for the FULL monthly subscription should be made once a month. All Services Sky Pacific TV, Unwired Internet and Digicel Mobile expire 30 days from the date of payment. Payments must be made in full to continue receiving Triple Play services as this is a monthly prepaid contracted service.

7) Are there fees to change my account from the existing Triple Play to the new Revamped 58GB Anytime Data Triple Play bundle?

No there are no fees, all you need to do is call into Customer Care with your Account Details and opt for the new Anytime Data Triple Play bundle. Your existing account will then be changed by the close of the next business working day and your full 58 anytime data will be available at your next billing cycle.

8) Is this a contract?

Yes, this is a 24-month Contract from the date at which you signed up for Triple Play. For Existing Customers moving over to Anytime Data your contract period is based on the initial date you signed up to Triple Play.

9) What is the cancellation fee?

Should you wish to terminate your account the complete cancellation fee of $500 is applicable plus your current month’s subscription fee.

10) What is the cancellation fee if I want to cancel one service?

Should you wish to terminate one of your services i.e. Unwired or Sky Pacific you will need to pay a cancellation fee of $250 and the current month’s subscription fee

11) Where can I make payments?

Monthly Subscription fees can be made at any Digicel Retail Outlet & VIA USSD on *555#

Important Notice: Payments will take up to 24 hrs to reflect in the billing system, please ensure that payments are made well in advance.

12) Can I temporary suspend one service or all services?

Should you wish to temporary suspend an account you will be required to complete a closure form and your account will be reverted to standard standalone subscription fees.

13) Will my account number change?

Yes, you will be given a unique Account ID for Triple Play which you will use for payments. If you are an existing Triple Play customer your account ID will not change.

14) Who do I call if I have issues with the service?

The Helpdesk is available for your assistance from 8am to 12am, 7 days a week;
Email address:
Phone Contacts: 700 1515
Free call: 1515 (Free for Digicel users)

15) When will my Sky Pacific services be installed?

Services will be installed within 15 working days (3 weeks) from the date of signed contract. Working days are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

16) When will be my due date for payments?

Your due date for bill payments will be from the date of installation of services. Should you miss your due date your services will be suspended and you will be required to pay a $20 reconnection fee.

17) How can I view the Channel TV Guide?

SKY Pacific TV guide is released weekly for all Sky Pacific channels. To access the TV guide directly from your SKY Pacific remote control, press the “EPG” button which will display individual program times.

The TV guide is also accessible online via the SKY Pacific website ( and on the Digicel Fiji Facebook page.

18) Can I buy a second Decoder under my current account?

Unfortunately, a second decoder option is not applicable with this offer.

19) How many SIMs do I get in the Triple Play Bundle?

Where customers can get 2 prepaid SIMs partnered to have Unlimited free calls & unlimited free SMS to each other upon purchase of Triple play product which includes Unwired package, Sky package and 2 Triple Up SIMs. 

20) How much does a Triple play cost?

$79.95 VIP which includes unwired package, SKY Package, and 2 Triple e Up SIMs. 

20) What is included when a customer Top Up the SIM with $6 or more?

Triple Up SIMs will get Triple Up Any network when you Top Up by  $6 or more any day of the week.

How it works?

  • Just Top Up by $6 or more (any method Top Up e.g. EVD, DMM, Online, Flex, SMS Banking etc.) and get Triple Up. Free credit can be used for:
  • Calls and texts to Anyone in Fiji (Vodafone Mobiles, Inkk Mobiles, TFL landlines). Excludes special rate numbers (premium numbers). Example calls and texts to short codes.
  • Calls and texts to any Digicel mobiles in the pacific (PNG, Samoa, Tonga, Nauru and Vanuatu).
  • Calls and texts to selected international landlines and mobiles in any of the following destinations: Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, India, UK, Japan and Malaysia

Free credit attached

Top Up by $6-$9.99 and get 3Up ($12-$19.98 free credit) – free credit expires in 7 days.

Top Up by $10-$14.99 and get 3Up ($20-$29.98 free credit)-  free credit expires in 7 days.

Top Up by $15- $19.99 and get 3Up ($30- $39.98 free credit)-  free credit expires in 15 days.

Top Up by $20 or more and get 3Up ($40 - more free credit) – free credit expires in 15 days.


Real ABM credit will be able to be used as per normal to call other international locations, and premium rate numbers.

Subs can re-qualify for this promotion, i.e they can Top up as many times during the promotion.




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