Report any Hoax Calls

Report any Hoax Calls

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Report any Hoax Calls

Digicel Fiji wishes to inform its customers to be cautious about inward international calls from unfamiliar international numbers.

This is due to customers raising concerns since last Friday, 20th April as a number of Digicel customers started receiving hoax calls, each time a hoax number was reported we blocked it. The source is generating new numbers which is why the calls are still continuing. It appears that callers are being randomly selected as inactive Digicel subscribers were also targeted.

When calls are initiated on the network, it is difficult to identify whether it is hoax or genuine and as such Digicel is not blocking the originating countries incoming calling completely from our international calling gateway.

We have identified and notified the interconnect source where the calls are being generated from and we are working with the provider to place a permanent block on their end.

We would like to remind customers not to respond to any such calls / or messages from unknown parties.

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Report any Hoax Calls