In bound roaming – Fiji

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In bound roaming – Fiji

This July, we are giving our Digicel Prepaid customers a chance to go into the draw to win $500 cash. When Digicel Prepaid customers receive calls for 5minutes or more from their family abroad they go into the draw. It’s simple, just receive a call on your prepaid sim from overseas and chat for over 5 minutes and go into the draw to win!


Additional Refresher Details.

Please note that family can send top up to their family and friends in Fiji too.


What is Diaspora Top Up?
Diaspora ensures that your loved ones can you Top you Up no matter where you are in the world and vice versa.

Your family can use three main methods to Top You Up:

Your Family in Australia, New Zealand and USA have alternative options to Top You Up besides online or via the Top Up App:

  • Those in Australia & New Zealand can also buy Top Up Vouchers at any of the 15,000 locations including: BP, Caltex, 7-11, local dairies, Australian Post,The Warehouse, or other convenience stores.
  • Those in USA can buy Top Up Vouchers at any Metro PCS Stores.

1)      How do I enter into the draw?
Simply receive a call from anywhere around the world from your family and friends and talk for 10 minutes and you will go into the draw

2)      How many winner will there be?
Only 1 Winner

3)      Whern will the draw be done?
Promotion will end on the 31st July, Wednesday and the draw will be done on the first week on August.

4)      Can staff qualify for this promotion?
No, they cannot

5)      How many times can my number go into the draw?
As many times you receive international calls and talk for 5 minutes

6)      Is it only when I receive overseas calls?
Yes, it’s an Inbound Promotion.

7)      Is this promotion only available for prepaid customers?
Yes, this promotion is only available for prepaid customers.

8)      What does Diaspora mean?
These are individuals living overseas

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In bound roaming – Fiji