Digicel On Worries Off

Digicel On Worries Off

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Digicel is committed to make your experience simply better. Fiji’s New exciting data experience is here. The fear of losing credit when browsing is a thing of the past. Now Digicel Customers can browse internet without a worry and without fear of losing credit.

With Digicel you won’t get out of bundle charges without your permission and you’re in total control.

  • No Surprise Charges or bill shock.
  • No more being ripped off.
  • Browse and stream freely.


How does it work?

Now whenever you run out of a data bundle or try to browse without a data bundle the data service will be immediately blocked.

You will then get an SMS notification with a link to the My Digicel App to buy a bundle or from USSD by dialing *555#.

Once you purchase the bundle again, browsing will continue within seconds.

Simply, No bundle No browsing.

1.    What is bundle browsing?
When a customer is browsing with a data bundle, we say customer is browsing with a bundle. A bundle is set with the price per MB’s of data with an expiry. For example $7 for 7GB doe 7 days.

2.    What is out of bundle browsing?
Out of bundle browsing means a customer is using real credit to browse at an Mb rate. For example. $0.21 Mb for most Prepaid Customer’s. This is mostly accidental as customers do not realize their data bundle has depleted or expired.

3.    What happens when my bundle expires or is exhausted?
When a data bundle is used up or has reached its expiry and the customer does not purchase another data bundle and continues to browse;

Data Browsing is stopped and customer will be asked to opt in to a bundle. The bundle can be purchase from USSD by dialing *555# or https://myDigicel.digicegroup.com/myplans or visiting My Digicel app.

4.    What happens when you browse out of bundle?
When a customer browses out of bundle, they are paying for their access to the internet from their real purchased credit. Again data browsing is stopped and customer will be asked to opt in to a bundle. The bundle can be purchase from USSD *555# or https://myDigicel.digicegroup.com/myplans or visiting My Digicel App.

5.    Which customers can use Digicel Off, Worry On?
All Prepaid price plans.

6.    How customers are notified that they do not have currently have a data bundle?
The system will detect when a customer’s data bundle has ended, this will trigger two events. 

  1. The data browsing session would come to a complete stop.
  2. A SMS is sent to the customers’ handset telling them that they have run out of data: “You do not have data to browse. Dial *555# or click on the link to buy a plan https://myDigicel.digicegroup.com/myplans.”

7.    What happens when the customer chooses to buy a bundle by dialing *555#?
If a customer chooses to go with dialing *555# he would be presented with the menu of data plans. Here he would purchase a plan, then receive a Confirmation SMS for the data bundle purchased. Browsing would then be restored for customer within seconds.

8.    What happens if a customer chooses to click on the link given in the SMS?
When the customer clicks on the link, they would be taken to the My Digicel Webpage, here customer would be presented with options to buy plans, getting to this webpage does not require data. Once a customer has bought a plan, their browsing would then be restored and they would be able to browse again.

9.    What happens if a customer does not buy a data bundle?
If a customer does not buy a data bundle, they would not be able to browse the internet. Browsing with real credit is blocked until customer purchases a bundle.

10.    How will a customer know that they have run out of credit?
The customer would receive a SMS that states “Your balance is low. Recharge or get credit FJD2.10 deducted next top up) Dial *164# to check your eligibility. T& Cs apply”

11.    What is the time lapse between when the customer has been disconnected from his data browsing and reconnection?
As soon as a plan is purchased and plan confirmation sms is received, internet connection should be restored. It would take seconds and should not take several minutes.

12.    What happens if my browsing is not restored?
This wouldn’t normally happen, however if it does try turning off mobile data and turning on again or restarting your handset.

13.    What happens if the My Digicel link is not working?
The opening of link would take less than a minute, please wait while this opens or retry to click the link again if it doesn’t open. You always have *555# opt-in if it doesn’t work.

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Digicel On Worries Off