Get More Data via MyDigicel app

Get More Data via MyDigicel app

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More Data via MyDigicel app

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Get Extra! Extra 1UP FREE credit if you Top-Up using MyDigicel app! Valid for 7 days.

DIGICEL is delighted to announce get more credit through MyDigicel app. Customers will get Bonanza PLUS additional 1 UP upon topping up their phones from either using Recharge Cards, Vouchers, or Credit Card.

Top-up ($) Bonanza Validity MyDigicel app Bonanza
$1-$6.99 2UP 15 Days Get Extra!
Extra 1UP free credit if you Top-Up using MyDigicel app!
Valid 7 days!
3 Up
$7-14.99 3UP 15 Days 4 Up
$15-24.99 4UP 30 Days 5 Up
$25+ 5UP 30 Days 6 Up

1.    How it works?

  • Just top up by $1 or more (any method top up e.g. EVD, Cards , DMM, Online, SMS Banking etc.)
  • Free credit can be used to call and text other local Digicel numbers.
  • Real credit (ABM) will be able to be used as per normal to call other local networks, international locations, and premium rate numbers.
  • Free Credit cannot be transferred to other Digicel numbers
  • Free Credit cannot overlap or extend with new Top Up.
  • Subs can re-qualify for this promo, i.e. they can top up as many times during the promo.
  • PLANS (Available on My Digicel APP & *555#)

2.    MyDigicel app 1 Up Offer

  • Offer is only available to Digicel Prepaid and My Home Mobile subscribers
  • Extra 1 Up Free Credit will be valid for 7 Days
  • First priority will be given to the 1 Up Credit from MyDigicel app, the bonanza Free Credit will be given the second priority after the 1 Up Free Credit is expired or Exhausted
  • Free Credit cannot be transferred to any other Digicel Number
  • Free Credit cannot be used to Call Local Networks (Inkk, Vodafone and TFL) or International countries as well.
  • SMS to Local Networks or International Countries will be deducted from the Normal Credit
  • Subs can re-qualify for offer, that is they can top up as many times during the promotional period and be awarded with on-net free credit.

1.Does the 1 Up offer only apply through MyDigicel app Top Ups?
Yes, the 1 up offer is applicable only through My Digicel App Top Up and the customer will get the Bonanza Free Credit as well.

2.    Is it applicable to only Online Top Up?
No, it is applicable to Online, Voucher and Scratch Cards

3.    How do I get PHAT Plans on *555#?
All Customer’s on Digicel Prepaid Price Plans can dial *555# and select any of the PHAT plans to buy by entering the corresponding number beside it, then pressing “Confirm”, to purchase plan.

4.    Does the 1 Up offer come with Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS?
No, the 1 Up offer does not come with Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS. Customer can use the Free Credit to make calls and sms to Digicel Numbers in Fiji

5.    Will I still get 1 Up if I Top Up someone else from MyDigicel app?
Yes, you will get the 1 up Free Credit and the other number will get the Normal Credit plus the Bonanza

6.    Can I call both mobiles and landlines in other countries and local networks using my Free Credit?
No, calls and sms to Local Network and other countries cannot be done using the Free Credit

7.    Does free credit rollover or auto re-new?
No, the Free Credit does not rollover and does not Auto Renew

8.    Are multiple opt-ins allowed?
Multiple opt ins are allowed, a customer can re-qualify for the 1 Up offer as many times as they want to.

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Get More Data via MyDigicel app