Digital Prime Bundle Terms

These DIGITAL PRIME BUNDLE Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your use of the dedicated data allowance for the Digicel Digital Services  (including the BIP, Dmusic, Billo, and the MyDigicel, mobile digital applications (“app”), collectively referred to as the “Digital Services”) available as a part of  the Digicel Prime Bundle. This bundle provides all Digicel customers on the eligible prepaid plans listed below with additional data to be used to access content and other mobile app features from the Digital Services. You should read these Terms carefully before registering and subscribing to access these Digital Services.

“We” or “us” means Digicel (Fiji) PTE Limited, a company registered under the laws of The republic of the Fiji Islands and the registered office of which is at Level 3, Digicel House, 5 Vuna Rd, Nabua, Fiji Islands

“You” means the person accessing or benefitting from the use of the Digital Services (and “your” shall have the same meaning).

By accessing or using the Digital Services, whether occasionally, frequently or permanently, or by otherwise indicating your consent, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, you should stop using this Digital Services immediately.

*Any reference or mention of MDA is the abbreviation for the MyDigicel App.



The Digicel Prime Bundle provides Digicel prepaid customers on eligible plans with additional data to access certain content and service features for the Digital Services only.

In order to be eligible for this Bundle, you must be a Digicel customer with an active Eligible Plan. Please see below list of plans that are eligible for the Digicel Prime Bundle (the “Eligible Plans”) in  Digicel Republic of Republic of Fiji Islands Limited:

Prime All In Daily $3 bundle
Prime All In Weekly $5 bundle
Prime All In Monthly $10 bundle
Prime All In Monthly $15 bundle
Prime All In Monthly $20 Bundle 

The following customers are excluded:

a. Postpaid Corporate & Business account customers;
b. Home & Entertainment only customers;
c. Postpaid customers with overdue amounts;
d. Persons under the age of 18 years.


What is included in the Digicel Prime Bundle?

1.  Digicel Digital Services (“DS”)

The following Digicel Digital Services are included in the Digicel Prime Bundle:
- Billo – your personal cloud storage solution.
- BiP – your instant messaging-and-much-more communications and discovery service.
- D’Music – your music streaming and downloads.
- MyDigicel App – your Digicel self-service and store in your pocket.


2.  Additional Data and Usage

a. The Bundle provides the eligible customer with additional data allocated for use of the Digital Services only, hereinafter referred to as the DS Allowance.
b. Your Digicel Prime Bundle allows certain data amounts as “DS Allowance” to key Digicel services on top of your standard data which can be used for anything. This gives you even more value for money.
c. The DS Allowances for the relevant Digicel Digital Services differs by Bundle, and full details are as advertised.
d. Data rollover is only on Prime $10 for up to 200GB

 Plan Name



Data (GB)

Billo (GB)

D'Music (GB)

Bip (GB)




D'music Subscription




Data Rollover

You $3 Bundle








Top Chart

1 Day



You $5 Bundle







D2D unlimited

Top Chart

7 Days



You $10 Bundle







Top Chart

30 Days


Up to 200GB

You $15 Bundle







Top Chart

30 Days



You $20 Bundle







Top Chart

30 Days




Plan will be visible on *555# under You Bundles (option 1), *888#, MyCash App, and on MyDigicel App.


Additional Terms and Conditions:

a.       For Digicel Prepaid Customers only (Excluding Tourist SIM Customers)

b.       A customer can opt-in multiple times.

c.       Plan will auto-renew for the customers if they have sufficient funds in the account.

d.       None of the You Plans has rollover except for You $10 Bundle. Rollover on You $10 Bundle is up to 200GB

e.       Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS is for You $5, $10, $15, and $20 plans

Digicel’s fair usage policy and standard terms and conditions pre-paid services apply to this offer and can be found on here.


a. The DIGITAL PRIME BUNDLE allows access to certain content on the Digital Services and is available to all Digital Service users and subscribers.

3.  Access to Content
a. Please check each Digital Services terms and conditions as advertised on our Digicel website for the specific offerings in packages.

b. The relevant DS Allowance will be added to the respective mobile plan automatically. The DS Allowance will also include Permitted Digicel Service Subscriptions which will be allocated according to the Bundle you have topped up by as in our

b. To access the Digital Services, you may either download each Digital Service Application to your mobile device from the Google play store or ioS Apple store.

c. Once downloaded, you will then need to create an account on each of the Digital Services (if you do not have one) and sign in.

d. Once you have an account, and a Digicel Prime Bundle, you then have access to as provided in Table above.

1. Where an eligible customer has exhausted their DS Allowance, any and all further use of the Digital Services will then consume the eligible customers existing all-purpose data subscriptions/plan.

2. Where the eligible customer does not have an existing data subscription/plan you will need to purchase the relevant data plan for the additional use described.

3. The Digicel Prime Bundle will automatically be bundled for customers on a eligible plan upon auto renewal of your bundle or re- opt in.

4. You accept that, if you port your number or if the number used for the subscription is found to no longer be a Digicel number, your subscription will be immediately terminated.

5. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, you remain bound by any other terms and conditions of use for any of our other services including but not limited to the terms and conditions for Digicel’s Prepaid mobile telephone and data services, the Terms and Conditions of each Digital Service and the Terms and Conditions of the MyDigicel App.

6. Please note that this subscription is not a “Chargeable Event” as defined in Digicel’s Prepaid terms and conditions. This means that if you are a prepaid Customer and do not make or receive any calls using the Digicel number used for the Content for 180 days or more, you may lose your number.

7. This product is offered for your personal use and not for commercial use.

8. You are solely responsible for all associated fees and costs incurred by you for connectivity and service usage in relation to your use of the Digital Services not included in the Digicel Prime Bundle. Be reminded that once roaming, you will not be able to use any data from your local prepaid Content.

Digicel’s right to make changes

9. We reserve the right to terminate this offer if, in our sole opinion, the Content are being abused, such abuse to include but not be limited to reselling or attempts to resell the content, whether on a commercial basis or otherwise, general abuse deemed as an attempt to undermine the integrity of our services. We may also discontinue use by any particular customer on provision of forty-eight (48) hours notice for convenience and without cause being required.

10. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily), this plan being offered to you at our discretion.

11. We reserve the right to, at any time, with or without notice, vary or cancel the terms and conditions of this Service. In the event of us giving notice to you of any such changes to or cancellation of the Service, it shall suffice for us to give you notice via messages to your handset/device or to post such notification on the Digicel website or the Digital Services. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

12. You accept that certain content on the Digital Services may not be available in your country or in your preferred language due to contractual licensing restrictions. Please note that content available in your current location may become unavailable to you if you travel to another location in which content is restricted

Data Protection and Governing Law

13. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you consent to the use of your personal data by Digicel and/or any agent appointed by it for the purposes of the administration of the Digicel Prime Bundles and any other purposes to which you have consented. To see our privacy policy visit:

14. These terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of Fiji Islands Islands and you can bring legal proceedings in the courts of Suva, Fiji Islands.

For customer support, or to report a problem or send us your feedback, please contact us through the customer support chat feature on the MyDigicel Application or visit the “Contact Us” option on the Digital Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. First off, what is a Digital Operator?

You’ve heard about how we’re going all in on digital, right? Well, it’s our job to meet you where you are.

As a mobile operator, we sold minutes and GBs, now, as a Digital Operator, we’re all about delivering digital experiences and engagement - we’re making that happen 1440 minutes of each day.

This means always being there, always on and always having something to offer you – no matter what you’re into. Whether it’s [FM1] , Music, Messaging, Cloud Storage– we have something for everyone, every minute of every day.How are we showing customers what Digital Operator means?So, we’ve agreed that we’re a Digital Operator, and we understand what that means. Now, how do we show you what that means?The first major move in our new Digital Operator and Customer Relationship is providing you with an opportunity to avail our NEW Digicel Prime ALL IN BundlesThat means we’re enabling you to enjoy all of the digital engagement, digital experiences and data you could possibly wish for. Say hello to our all-new Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles.

But simply, the Prime ALL IN Bundles are our future. Our Digital Operator future


2. Sounds interesting! Tell me about those Prime ALL IN Bundles.
Our Digital Operator promise to you is simply MORE, 1440 minutes of each day, and our all-new Prime ALL IN Bundles do just that. Here’s how: We’re giving you BRAND NEW exciting Digital Bundles which currently include 3 Apps, each with its own data allocations.

Our Prime ALL IN Bundles feature THREE Digital Apps; D’Music for all your music, BiP for messaging, video calls, gaming and marketplaces and Billo for cloud storage. However, that is just the start; our Prime ALL IN Bundles also feature free access to Digicel’s self-care destination, MyDigicel app.

Not only that, with our Prime ALL IN Bundles, we are making sure you enjoy more of the things you love, with even more data.

Whatever you’re into, we have a digital experience for you. This means you get to do more, experience more, learn more, laugh more, make more, share more, listen more and play more together with Digicel.


3. Are the Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles more expensive than the OLD bundles
No, we are all about giving you MORE. Our Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles have more value through LARGE data allocations paired with a lineup of exciting and useful Apps


4. Are all customers able to purchase the Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles
Yes, all customers will have access to purchase the Digital bundles.


5. Which Digital Apps are included in the Prime ALL IN Bundles?
The Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles include our full suite of Digital Apps. The amazing thing? There is an App for everyone, no matter what you’re into.


6. What do I need to do?
The great thing about our Prime ALL IN Bundles is that they come loaded with super generous data allotments for each of our digital apps so you can try, touch, feel and experience them as much as you want to. (Different data allocation specific to the Apps)

Prepaid and Postpaid customers can upgrade their plan using our regular, local method. You have different options to upgrade to the Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundles: Web, MyDigicel app,  short code *555# or by visiting your nearest Retail or Dealer outlet where one of our friendly staff will assist you.


7. How do I activate the Prime ALL IN Bundle?
You can activate/purchase your ALL IN Prime Bundle using 3 methods - WebMyDigicel app or Short code


8. Who can I call with my unlimited calls and SMS bundle?
Unlimited calls and SMS bundle can be used to make free calls and Send SMS to other local Digicel numbers. This bundle cannot be used for calls and texts to other networks, international and Digicel pacific.


9. Can I opt into the plan multiple times?
Yes, you can opt into the plan multiple times.


10. Does my main data bundle roll-over?
No it does not, if you opt-in to a plan more than once, You will receive a new data bundle each time for each opt-in. E.g. Buying a Prime ALL in 7day plan will get you 10GB data + another separate 10


11. Do I have to pay for storage to Billo APP?
You can get 5GB of storage space to use for free with Billo. 5GB has the capacity to store Upto 500 photos or 500 videos or 2500 songs or 50000 documents. 5GB of free storage remains until the user deletes his/her Billo account, to expand your storage you can do so for a monthly fee.


12. I already have an All in $20 plan, how much will I pay when my plan auto-renews?

For anyone that is already on the Prime All in $20, when the plan renews after 30 days, the customer will also pay $15 instead of the $20.


13. Will I get 5GB free every time that I opt-in to the Prime All In Bundles?
No, the 5GB Billo free storage is only redeemable once on the first time that you sign up and use the Billo APP. Once you have setup your free 5GB you will get another 5GB after this.


14.  How will I know if I have used up all my data?
You will receive warning triggers that will notify you that you have used 75%, 90% and 100% of your data bundle.


15. What are the Charging Priorities by Digital App
* D’Music: D’Music Bundle > Data Bundle > Main Credit
* BiP Usage: BiP promo > BiP Bundle > Data Bundle > Main Credit
* Billo: Billo Bundle > Data Bundle > Main Credit


16. How do I check my balance?
MyDigicel app or MyDigicel Web is the best place for self-service for your Digicel account. You can also check your balance by using the short code*555#


17. What happens if I already have a plan for one of the 3 Apps?          

If you have an active D’Music Standalone plan, then activate a Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundle, the below should happen:
* You will receive the additional data bundle from the Bundle plan activated including Prime ALL IN bundle
* You will continue receiving Premium D’Music access
* The regular D’Music dedicated data will take priority in charging whilst using the D’Music App
* If and when the D’Music bundle is exhausted, the main data will incur D’Music charges
* The D’Music dedicated data will maintain its original validity

If you have the Free BiP Text, Audio & Video call promo active on your account, then activate a Revised Freedom Plan with the Digicel Prime ALL IN Bundle, the below should happen:
* You will receive the additional data bundle from the Bundle plan activated, including Prime ALL IN bundle
* You will benefit from the new BiP bundle as the BiP Promo will end upon the launch of the Prime ALL IN Bundles
* The BiP bundle will take priority in charging whilst using BiP Audio & Video Calls
* The BIP text messaging will allow the Prime ALL IN Bundle users to use it unlimited for free
* The BiP bundle will not cover charges for BiP Group Video Calling, Discovery and Games


18. Will my Prime ALL IN Bundle work while I am roaming?
Prime All IN Bundles will not work while roaming and can only be used while in Fiji.


19. What will happen if I am moving between different plans on Billo providing different storage space. You are still able to access the app for 6 months (180 days) outside of a plan
You will not be able to upload new content once you’re above the 5GB free storage

a.     You are still able to upload once they are within the 5GB free allowance
b.     Only while on a plan, you will benefit from Free Upload and download – Data usage
c.      You will be able to accumulate while moving between multiple Billo plans

20.  What happens to my data stored on Billo if I don’t renew a plan or Leave Digicel Network If storage is greater than 5GB all files will stay for 180 days 
* You will need to delete items to get to the 5GB free allowance within the 180 days
-    You will receive notifications within the 180 days grace period to reduce storage to the free storage allowance while off a plan
-    NB – No files will be deleted by the system if you reduce your storage to the free allowance within the 180 days grace period

* If you are still above the 5GB free allowance, all files will be deleted after the 180 days grace period


21. Will I get a notification when a service within an App is not included in the dedicated data allotment of an App
Yes, you will be notified as soon as you are going to be charged from the main account, notification message example below:


22. I want my plan to stop renewing, how do I stop that from happening?
To stop plan from auto-renewing every 7 or 30 days, you will need to opt-out of the plan. You can do this by visiting MyDigicel app and Toggle the Auto-renew button or dial *555# and enter option 11 on the Menu to opt out.


23. Are the Games “Online” in BiP?
Yes, Games in the BiP App are online trending games.


24. Can BiP work without Data?
BiP is like any other communication app. It requires Data to use BiP App


25. What are the Channels or Services in the BiP App for?
BiP App has Trending Channels and Services to Entertain customers while using the App. Customers need to subscribe to the Trending Channels and get the latest update on What’s Happening.

26. How many Languages does the BiP App has in total?
The BiP App has 190 languages, which can be used to communicate to people from all around the world easily, so that we all understand what the others are trying to communicate.


27.  What Are Additional Billo features?

Free up space: Back up your precious memories on Billo so you can make room for new memories on your device.
Backup Your Contacts: If something happens to your phone your contacts are always safe with Billo so you can access them immediately
Face and Image Recognition: Billo recognizes people, objects and places in your photos and groups them for you. So you can easily find your friends, favorite travel spots.
Photo Archive: Save your social media posts from Facebook and Instagram.
Automatic Stories: Billo creates automatic stories, collages and videos so you can share them easily with family and friends.
PhotoPick: Choose the best photo for your Instagram posts with the PhotoPick analysis tool Sync your Social Media posts: You can archive photos you share on Facebook and Instagram to Billo.
Transfer Files Existing Files: Bill also stores your files from Dropbox
Smart and Secure Login: Billo provides an added layer of security with two-factor authentication, and depending on the model of your phone, touch ID, face ID or passcode features are available.
Photo Editing: With Billo’s photo editing tool, you can make your photos more attractive with special filters, effects and frames. You can also add some fun touches with caps and stickers.
Ease of Access: All the photos, videos and files you have stored in your Billo can be accessed quickly from your smartphone and PC

28. How do I upload data to Billo?
You can easily and quickly upload to Billo. You can upload photos, videos, music and files by clicking the“ + " in the middle of the main page sub-menu in the Billo application.


29.  How do I download data from Billo?
You can easily access all your photos, videos and files stored on your Billo from any device.After selecting the document you want to download in the Billo application on the Files screen, you can click the hamburger menu for the file you wish to download, and then select “Download” from the menu that opens.


30.  How do I share data on Billo?
You can easily and quickly share photos, videos and files with your loved ones and friends via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or e-mail. With the multi-sharing feature, specifically with large files and high-resolution photos, you can share them via e-mail easily.


31. Can I listen/watch music and videos on Billo without download?
Yes, you can listen to/watch music and videos in supported formats without downloading them from the Billo app installed on your phone


32.  What are Billo Premium features?
Users with Premium Package membership store their photos in original quality without any loss of quality.

Once the Premium users enable Face & Image Grouping in Settings, Billo automatically groups the photos without any limits and creates smart albums of faces, objects and locations. The PhotoPick feature is available without limit. Users also can back up their contacts safely as well as delete multiple entries in the phone book. Other features (smart - safe log in, automatic stories, easy social media shares, photo editing etc.) is offered to all our users regardless of the package difference.


33. What is Billo Contacts Backup?
Simply click “Back Up” to safely back up your contacts to Billo and “Restore” to transfer the previously backed up contacts to your phone.
The contact backup feature supports up to 25000 contacts.

* If a contact doesn't have a name and last name but only an e-mail account, this contact is not included in the backup.
* If the 1000 character limit is exceeded in the first name and last name field, this contact is not included in the backup.
* If the 255-character limit is exceeded in the number field, this contact is not included in the backup.


34.  Do my contacts scheduled backup?
Scheduled backup can be activated by enabling "Contacts Sync" option in Settings. Daily, weekly and monthly scheduled backup options can be selected.


35. How does auto-sync work?
Billo can sync your files, photos and videos automatically. To enable background sync of your files, please make sure that your location permission is set to "Always" in device settings v(Device's Settings > Billo > Location). You can choose your auto-sync preferences of Wifi or Cellular Data during sign in or later in the Settings menu.


36. What does the green and orange cloud icon on the photos mean?
In the Photos menu, some cloud icons may appear in case of deleting the files yourself, or the installation process may not have been successful.

*You won't see any icons on the edge of your successfully uploaded photos/videos.
* You'll see green or orange cloud marks on the edge of photos/videos during upload/backup.
* Green cloud indicates that the photo/video is backed up correctly
* Orange cloud indicates that photos/videos are in the device memory, but not backed up to Billo.

In some cases due to the systematic slowness, the data that appears as green cloud at first may appear in orange cloud later. This situation occurs because of service operations. After a certain period of time, it will be seen that the data is also backed up and that there is no indication on it.


37.  What is the Photo pick feature?
PhotoPick analyzes your photos with artificial intelligence technology and picks the best photo among the photos you selected in Billo with the greatest potential to get the most likes on Instagram. PhotoPick has a scoreboard for the selected photos and shows you the scores of every photos analyzed up to 5 points and recommend you the highest scored photo to share on Instagram.

38. What is the Smart album (Face/Image/location grouping)?
When you enable Face & Image Grouping in Billo's settings, Billo automatically groups your photos and group them in smart albums such as People, Objects (Things) and Places. With these smart albums, you can easily access the photos related to a specific person or object (ex: vehicles, vase, food, flowers etc) or places (London, Paris, Jamaica etc).

If you are a Premium user, it is limitless for you to group and create smart albums. If you are not a Premium user, up to 100 photos can be processed and up to 5 people albums can be created.


39. When I delete a file, does it stay in the trash bin forever?
When you delete an item or a file such as photo/video/album etc, these item(s) or file(s) are moved to trash bin, which is located in the Files menu. If you do not restore the deleted item(s) or file(s) within 30 days of deleting, they will be permanently deleted automatically.


40. What happens if I get a call or SMS while listening to music?
If you receive a SMS the music will continue playing. In case a call comes in, the music will stop during your conversation and after hanging it the music will start playing again


41. How do I change my profile picture?
You have to enter "My Profile" and click "Change avatar". You can select either to upload a photo from your phone gallery or to use the camera to take a new photo.

42. How do I Logout?
In "My Profile" you’ll find the option Logout.


43. Where I can see the information of my subscription?
Entering "My Profile”, you will see the type of subscription you have, cost and expiration date.


44. How can I find music?
There is an icon of a magnifying glass where you can type a search by song name, artist, album or playlist. With the tags, you will find all the playlists related to the word.


45.  How do I delete or change the tags from my playlist?

Go to your playlist and choose Edit, then you can change the name of the playlist or the tags.


46. How do I add a song to the playlist?
To add songs to the playlist you must click on the icon on the right of each track, and some options for possible actions will be display. Select "Add to playlist" and will add it to your playlist.


47. If new songs are added to the playlist I have selected in Top Chart, will it update even if the week hasn’t ended?
Yes, but not the downloaded songs


48.  How do I position my playlist?
Put the most popular tags and win followers.


49. How do I delete songs on the playlist?
The icon in the top right gives you access to your playlist, there you can select whether you want to empty the list.


50. How do I add a song to a playlist?
To add songs to a playlist you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there various options for possible actions will be display. Choose "Add to Playlist," then select the playlist you want to add and go!


51. How many songs can be added to a playlist?
You can add up to 40 songs, but only Premium can create playlists, as you want!


52. How do I view the most recent playlists?
To view the newest playlists you should access to Releases.


53. If I am a Premium user, how do I enter the Top 40?
Find the Top 40 on the second slide of Home there will follow and listen to all the hits.


54. How do I add a song to my favourites?
To add songs to your favourites, you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there are various options for possible actions will be display. Select "Add to Favourites" and voila!


55. How do I download a song to listen it offline?
To download songs you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there are various options for possible actions will be display. Select "download" and will be available whenever you want, without consuming data!


56. How do I delete a song I downloaded?
In downloads, you enter from the menu and there you can choose in the options if you want to delete the song.


57.  Can I add the same song several times to a playlist?
No, you can only add once to appear repeatedly and do not miss quota of songs in your playlist.


58. Can I share the music I am listening to?
Yes, you can share songs, playlist, albums through social networks, email and WhatsApp.


59. How do I create a playlist?
You enter the menu and select playlists; there you will find the option to create playlists. Or select one song and select Add to Playlist and that will also give you the option to create a new playlist. This can only be done if you have a Premium subscription.

60. How do I follow a playlist?
You simply click on "Continue" under the title of the selected Playlist


61. How do I change the name of a playlist?
In the playlist options, you will find the Rename button.


62. Other users can follow my playlist?
Yes, all users can follow the playlist created by yourself. The more followers you have the more chances of finding your playlist in the spaces featured as "Popular playlists"


63. Can I modify a playlist that I am following?
No, you cannot change it unless it was created by yourself.

64. How much music can I download?

The amount of music you can download depends on the storage capacity of your device. Downloaded music will be in the application; this cannot be copied to other devices and can only be listen while you have an active subscription.

65. What should I do if I cannot download music or listen?
Check your Internet connection and try to see if you are connected to a network or you have good data.


66. Does it have an additional cost to download music?
No, downloading music for offline listening does not have extra cost.


67. Can I listen indefinitely the music I download?
Yes, during the period of your subscription. At the end of the period, you must renew your subscription to continue to listen to your downloaded songs.


68. If I do not have internet, can I hear downloads?
Yes. The application will ask you in the next 48 hours to connect to a network to check your user and can continue enjoying d’Music.


69. Can I delete songs from a playlist created by me?
Yes. You must select on the options for the song and click on Delete Song.


70. Can I recover a deleted playlist?
No. If you delete a playlist, make sure you want to do it because it cannot be recovered once deleted.

Digicel Prime Bundles FAQs