IOU Services

Eligible Digicel customers will have access to more loan products instead of the conventional ABM. Customers will now be able to take an ABM loan or a data or a voice bundle loan. The service fee has been changed from $0.10 to 10% of the sum borrowed.

Offers that our customers can choose from are:

a. For $2 Loan, customers can choose are:
I. $2 Credit

II. $2 for 2GB for 24hrs

III. $1 for Daily unlimited On-Net

b. For $5 Loan, customers can choose are:

I. $5 Credit

II. $5 for 15GB for 7 days

III. $5 for Monthly unlimited On-Net

The Criteria for customers who qualify for IOU (requesting credit advance) services are as follows.

Subs who qualify for IOU services:

· Customers whose activation date is greater than 90 days

· Have ABM balance of $0.20 or less

· Prepaid customers only for Digicel Prepaid Base (excluding tourist sim)

How to apply

To apply for a Credit Advance, you are required to click on and follow instructions.

Portal will appear as below:

Customer will require to login with their phone number (with the prefix that is 679). Once the customer enter the phone number, they will receive an OTP which will allow then to login to the portal

After entering the OTP, customers will be directed to below page

Customer will see below offers


· Daily $2 for 2GB for 24hrs

· Prime $5 for 15GB for 7 days


· $1 for Daily unlimited On-Net

· $5 for Monthly unlimited On-Net


· $2 Credit

· $5 Credit

If the customer clicks on “Data” below screen will show

If the customer clicks on “Voice” below screen will show

If the customer wants to opt for credit instead of chossing from the voice and data services, the customer can do so by selecting “Credit”

Below is a flow of the redemption process for Data, Voice or Credit service

Step 1: Home Page showing Loan Limit and Data, Voice and Credit option

Step 2: Select from any of the 3 options (Data, Voice or Credit). In this case, the customer selected “Data”

Step 3: Select from the 2 data options provided and try redeeming 

Step 4: Customer receives below pop showing succesful redemption of the plan

1.    Is the above promotion for all Digicel Customers?
No, the mentioned promotion is only for whitelisted customers.

2.    How much Credit Advance will I get?
Two Credit Limits are currently being offer to the customers. A customer can get either $2 or $5 or credit loan, which will be deducted, on the next top up (loan amount plus 10% of the loan amount).

3.    What other services will I be able to choose from?
Customers will not only have the option to request advance credit but also they can select the option to opt into our daily and weekly data and voice and sms plans. Upon next top up, Loan amount plus 10% of loan will be deducted all together.

4.    If I do not repay my loan, will I be able to request for credit advance again?
No, if you do not repay your loan, you will not be eligible for any Credit Advance services.

5.    Is the site Web Page zero-rated?
Yes, customer will be able to use the portal without incurring any data charge.