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Here Are Our Values

Our customers move at speed faster than life. So we’re all about giving them access everything they want in their digital world and empowering their digital lives.

Customers want to live their digital lives, so we’re delivering 1440minutes of digital engagement each day by integrating everyone inside and outside, everything and every minute.

Every moment brings an opportunity to connect and click counts, so to empower our customers and our people, we’re driving for simplicity in how we’re organized and how we deliver our services.

Employer of Choice
The benefits of promoting our open opportunities and being able to brand Digicel as an Employer of Choice have meant that we have been able to quickly identify and hire many local staff in our Pacific Markets at all levels and across a range of disciplines from Customer Service staff to Technical and Marketing to Senior Management.

Our Pacific Staff

Fiji Team

Samoa Team

Tonga Team

Vanuatu Team

Nauru Team

Our Pacific Footprints