Data balance Migration to MyDigicel app

As of 1st April data bundle balance for all prepaid and postpaid subscribers will now be exclusively available on MyDigicel app.

MyDigicel app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore for android devices and on App store - Apple for iOS devices and is also available on desktop at

Accessing the MyDigicel app is zero-rated and will not deplete your data plan or credit from your account. If you are using MyDigicel app and your data plan or credit is depleted this is due to background traffic that is running on your phone.

1)    I don’t use data, can I still see my voice and SMS balance?
Yes, you will still be able to do this using *130#.

2)    How do I check my data balance?
Your data balance will now be shown on MyDigicel app.

3)    Will the Free Credit show on *130#?
Yes, free credit will still be shown on USSD.

4)    Will we be giving any free data for Non My Digicel Users to download the App?
Yes, 500MB will be given to the users to download MyDigicel app via Playstore or App Store.


Data balance Migration to MyDigicel app