Customers who download MyDigicel app for the first time get 2GB FREE data.


1.    How do I opt in for Free 2GB Data?
You will receive a SMS which will determine that you are selected for this FREE DATA.


2.    This promotion is only for Selected Customers?
Yes, it is only available for those customers who will download the MyDigicel app.


3.    Is this offer for Free?
Yes it is free, it’s a one time offer for the customers


4.    Am I qualified for multiple FREE DATA offer?
No, its only a one time offer.


5.    How do I check my data balance?
You can dial *130# and check your data balance.


6.    Once I exhaust my bundle, what can I do?
Once you have exhausted your Free 2GB Data, you can opt into any of the Prime Bundle Plans on *555# or from MyDigicel app.