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Nov 23, 2023 - Kingston,Jamaica

Digicel Haiti Wins World Communications Award

Kingston, Jamaica – Thursday, November 23, 2022. Digicel took home the award for Best Operator in an Emerging Market for its Digicel Haiti business at the 25th anniversary celebration of the World Communication Awards, held in Amsterdam on November 22.


The award for Best Operator in an Emerging Market recognises the operator that has adapted to emerging market characteristics and overcome challenges to achieve commercial success and improve the lives of its customers. The submission looked at the extensive work that Digicel has done in Haiti to provide products and services that meet customer needs, and well as financial inclusion for millions and improved educational outcomes that help build stronger communities.


Oliver Coughlan, Digicel Group CEO said, “I am so tremendously proud of the work that we do in Haiti and want to congratulate the team on winning this award. We have an amazing team there, led by our Digicel Haiti CEO, Jean Philippe Brun and the Digicel Haiti Foundation CEO, Sophia Stransky. Together, along with their respective teams, they do a phenomenal job at delivering results for the people of Haiti in the midst of the most challenging circumstances.”


Digicel Haiti, through its tenacity, resilience, and overall stick–to–itiveness, has been able to consistently deliver creative and innovative solutions to keep people connected to the things that matter most. Whether that is by keeping the network going during times of civil unrest or natural disasters, offering mobile financial services to the unbanked, or building schools to educate tens of thousands of children, the team in Haiti gets the job done.


Oliver added, “I also want to thank the World Communication Awards for celebrating the work we, and others in the industry, do and congratulate them on the 25th anniversary, this is truly a milestone achievement.”


Since 1999, the World Communication Awards has recognised the companies and individuals responsible for the innovations, achievements and new services that are helping to build tomorrow's industry.


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