covid-19 | How are we responding



Our employees and customers are our top priority as we work to manage the effects of the Coronavirus.


As a provider of essential services to the public, we have a duty of care to keep our business running no matter what. Indeed, at a time like this, the services that we provide to customers could not be more vital or more needed. We take that responsibility very seriously.


Likewise, we’re taking this situation very seriously and doing everything we can to prepare our business and prepare ourselves.


Our business continuity plans and protocols have been activated across the region to ensure a co-ordinated and proactive response internally with our employees and office and retail locations – and externally for our customers. We are guided in this by World Health Organisation recommendations.



We’re also working to ensure that we assist the public with timely and accurate information and have teamed up with Health Ministries across the region to help make that happen.



With the situation ever-developing, we will continue to enhance and evolve our response as time goes on and update as appropriate.



Remember: Prevention Starts With You.