John Townsend – Digicel Group Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Gonzales | Chief Financial Officer, Digicel Group Board of Directors



John Townsend 

Group Chief Financial Officer

John Townsend joined Digicel Group as Chief Financial Officer after spending roughly 10 years at Verizon in the CFO capacity across various areas of the business. Having previously worked at two of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, Verizon and Vodafone, with responsibility for billions of dollars in revenue, his financial background, coupled with his extensive experience in telecoms, brings a fresh perspective to Digicel’s markets in the Caribbean and Central America.


Over his career as a Chief Financial Officer, John gained experience in business and consumer operations, wireless, wireline, enterprise solutions, supply chain management and logistics, carrier relations and new business models, making him an all-rounder when it comes to the business of telecommunications. He was also CFO for Vodafone Europe, UK and Australia and earned his BA (Econ) Hons in accounting and business finance from The University of Manchester.