Digicel Board of Directors



Digicel Group Board of Directors



Denis O'Brien

Founder and Chairman

Lawrence Hickey

Chairman of the Audit Committee

Lucy Gaffney

Non-Executive Director

Sir Julian Horn-Smith

Non-Executive Director

Seamus Lynch

Non-Executive Director

Conor O'Dea

Non-Executive Director

Kaan Terzioğlu

Non-Executive Director



Senior Leadership Team



Oliver Coughlan

Group Chief Executive Officer

John Townsend

Group Chief Financial Officer

Julian Burton

Group Chief Digital Officer

Sjoerd Geels

Group Chief Information Officer

Daven Govender

Group Chief Customer Officer

Peter Lloyd

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Bryan Gonzales

Group Chief People Officer

Krishna Phillipps

Group Chief Technology Officer

Martha Tate

Group Chief Business Officer

Gyorgy Zsembery

Group Chief Executive Officer, Home and

Digicel Leadership