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Group Chief Technology & Information Officer

Sjoerd Geels

Sjoerd Geels was appointed Digicel Group’s Chief Technology & Information Officer in 2023, after joining as Group Chief Information Officer in January 2020. With more than 20 years of IT experience, in various managerial roles, Sjoerd has a solid performance track record and a true passion for people and information technology.

Prior to Digicel, he spent four and a half years at Telenor in Norway in multiple senior management roles, including CEO of Telenor Global Shared Services business unit where he was responsible for  activities including IT shared service delivery, HR, compliance, security, risk management, financial management, architecture, vendor management, customer management, strategy development and board reporting. Before that, he worked at Cognizant as Nordics’ Director of IT Infrastructure Services and at Capgemini Outsourcing in multiple Infrastructure Management roles.

Sjoerd holds a Bachelor of IT from Novi Institute of Higher Education, MBA from Newport Business School and Master of Art and Cultural Sciences from Erasmus University. Sjoerd is based in Kingston, Jamaica.

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