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Non-Executive Director

Alberto Griselli

Alberto has been the CEO of TIM Brasil since January 2022. He joined the company in 2019 as Chief Revenues Officer, being responsible for the company's entire revenue generation. He is also a member of the TIM Brasil Board of Directors.

Alberto graduated in Electronic Engineering at La Sapienza University in Rome and holds an FMBA from Columbia University, New York. He started his career in managing consulting in Italy and subsequently moved to London. The Italian executive has been working in Latina America and Brazil since 2004.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and has held relevant roles as Vice President for Latin America at TIMwe, a global provider of solutions for operators, and Managing Director for Brazil and Latin America of Value Partners, a managing consulting firm.

Throughout his professional career, Alberto has worked on crucial aspects of companies' performance, and has been leading initiatives ranging from strategic planning and transformation, turnaround and efficiency, new business development and change management.

At the helm of TIM Brasil, he leads a cohesive team of around 10 thousand employees driving the company's high performance in mobile, paving the way to the company’s expansion in adjacent markets such as digital services, broadband and B2B solutions, while integrating people, society and environment in the business strategy. 

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