The Basics

aem academy

Loggin into AEM 

- Get into AEM with One Login

If you have any further concerns or any obstacles - contact us at the support email :

AEM Main Navigation & Website Properties

- Navigating throughout the CMS

- Finding and accessing pages in the backend

- Web Brands ( D+, DBS, Mobile )



- Bookmarking page/folder

- Uploading assets to folders

- Renaming assets, Moving assets

Pages + Page Properties

- Page Properties

- Create a new page

- Copy & Paste Landing Page

- Page functions (moving, copying, pasting etc)

- Go live checklist 



- Configuring

- Updating and removing accordians



- Configuring forms

- Updating fields

- Google API

- Retrieving Leads

- G-Sheet 


Bundle Cards

- Updating Bundle Cards & Plan Details

- Updating Layout Container

- Duplicate and Modify Cards

- Icons

Carousel Banners

- Adding, Updating & Removing Carousel Banners

- CTA links 

Any Questions?

We are here to help!

Email us for more support


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We're making some subtle changes to the web assets dimensions in line with some changes to the max width of the websites 


New list will be posted this upcoming week

Click through here to review the go-live checklist 


Items in blue are more technical items that would be handled by the group team

Click through here for your website tracker 

If you dont have access - you could either request access there or send us an email @