Dominica Carnival

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Dominica Carnival is one of the most unique of its kind in the Caribbean. Dominica celebrates two days of exciting music from various genres like Calypso and Bouyon mainly. This year Carnival was held in Dominica on Monday February 16th and Tuesday February 17th 2015, on the Nature island of the Caribbean – these days are known as Carnival Monday and Tuesday in Dominica. 

Carnival Tuesday sits at the edge of the carnival season. While it does not start with a bang like Carnival Monday, this day should not be underestimated. Carnival Tuesday best defines Dominica’s carnival. The carnival begins at 10:30am. All winners from competitions held during the season are seen parading through the streets. The beauty of this day though, lies with the diverse range of costume bands and floats slithering through the streets, as the people sway gently to the calypso music. There is a kaleidoscope of costumes which represent various cultures and natural elements. Fascinated onlookers bask in the splendor and beauty of the parade while those who are a part of the parade proudly and elegantly dance to the cadence brought forth by either live bands or hi-fi. 

Carnival Tuesday may seem to be quite a wind down from the day before, but it forces onlookers to reflect on the creative nature of the Dominican people. It is here, that we see what true Dominican beauty is, and why Dominica is said to have the most original carnival in the Caribbean. Where else can the visitor go and be greeted with such a juxtaposition of costumes? Right after a band of graceful nature costumes, one is awaken by the horrendous face of a “Sensay” which sends fearful children screaming and seeking refuge under the skirts of their mothers, then a band of children dressed as little angels, and adults in gold with huge angel wings, breaks forth a band of Black Devils hitting their long hard whips against the asphalt streets creating a crackling sound frightening both children and adults alike. The people will jump bigger and better than they did on Carnival Monday in what is known as t-shirt band. 

Digicel Dominica plays a vital role in Carnival activities to provide support to various pageants and is the proud sponsor of the Stardom Calypso tent which is the most popular tent on island. Digicel also supported the Stilt Walkers and costume bands to name a few – to which Digicel is proud to be a part of year after year, to get involved in this rich cultural heritage: “The Real MAS”.

Dominica Carnival