Prepaid Roaming



1. What is Prepaid Roaming?

Prepaid Roaming is a premium service offered by Digicel allowing you to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS while outside their home network.

2. How do I use the prepaid roaming service?

All Digicel prepaid accounts are pre-provisioned for roaming. There is no need to contact customer care for activation.

3. What should I do before I do before roam?

Before roaming, ensure that you have an active prepaid Digicel account.

Ensure that your handset charger is compatible with the requirements of visiting country.

Top-up your account with sufficient credit before leaving it.

4. What do I do once I arrive in the visiting country?

Turn on your handset. Most handsets should automatically update to the strongest available network. If this does not happen, you can manually select the preferred network by choosing the manual search mode from the 'Network Settings' option in the handset.

5. How do I receive a call while roaming?

Receiving a call on a visited network will be the same as receiving a call on the home network.

Someone calling from Dominica dials your seven digit number as usual and the call gets routed to your handset. There are no extra charges incurred by the calling party.

6. How do I receive a text message while roaming?

When a message is sent to you while roaming, it can be located in the inbox of the messages section of the handset. To receive a message is FREE!


7. How do I make a call while roaming?

This procedure is slightly different from the norm. All numbers should be dialed using the international dialing format. For instance to call Dominica +1767 must be placed before the seven digit number.

8. How do I send a text while roaming?

1. Type the message from the handset's new message option. 

2. Select send and enter the recipient's number using the format as stated above.

9. How do top-up my account while roaming?

In an effort to afford you every facility to make the prepaid roaming as seamless as possible, Digicel provides numerous options for recharging your account. 

1. You may purchase your credit while in Dominica and top-up while abroad. Simply visit any Digicel retail outlet. 

2. You may top-up online at

10. Will there be a special way to check my balance while roaming?

No. Simply dial *120# and send as usual and you will be given a balance update on the screen of your phone.

11. What will happen if my balance is too low to make/receive a call?

If your balance is below the required amount for making a call and you try to call someone, you will hear a "low balance" tone and the call will not go through, once you top-up again, you will regain the services of you phone


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