Prepaid 4G Data Plans

Prepaid Data Plan

What are the new data plans?

Data Plans   Assigned MB     Plan Cost
1 Day           75MB                 $2.50
3 Day           200MB               $6.50
7 Day           250MB               $12.00
7 Day           475MB               $15.00
7 Day           1GB                   $20.00
14 Day         750MB               $30.00
30 Day         1.5GB                $47.00
30 Day         2GB                   $60.00
30 Day         3 GB                  $70.00


What are the benefits of the new plans?

  • Rollover MB (up to double the MB on the plan can be rolled over)

  • Lower Pricing (Compare the Super User 2GB plan at $70.00 to the 3GB plan at the same price!)

  • Flexibility

  • More plan options!  This includes the addition of a 3 day plan and more options for the 7 day and 30 day plans

  • Upgrading plans -Customers no longer have to wait for the duration of the plan to finish for them to activate a new plan.

Any MB left on the old plan will rollover. For example, I am on a 7 day plan and have 50 MB left on day 3 and want to put on another 7 day plan with 475 MB.  Once the new plan is activated the customer now has 475 + 50 MB = 525 MB.  The new expiry date will be 7 days from when the 475 MB plan is activated


How do I activate the plans?

Plans can be activated by dialing *140# and following the options on the menu


What is the out of Bundle rate?

When the MB are all used up, customers may continue to use data at $0.20/MB for the duration of the plan period.  Charging will be done from the customer’s main credit balance.


How do I check my MB?

To check MB, dial *140# and go to Manage Data Account and select the option to view your current data balance OR simply dial shortcode *120*31#


Is Social Media Included?

No, it is not.  The main benefit of the old plans was free social media on the 1, 7 and 14 day plans only

The new plans have ALL been restructured with many new benefits, not just one!

Customers now get:

  • More minutes

  • Lower prices

  • Rollover minutes

  • Activation of a new plan before the plan expires (Save on out of Bundle costs!)

  • More plan options


Can I roll over minutes?

Yes minutes can rollover.   Up to double the amount of MB currently received on the plan can rollover. 

E.g. Customer with a 75 MB plan can have a maximum of 150 rollover MB


Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes.  The plan can be upgraded at any time.


What happens to customers who are currently activated on an older plan?

  • Customers will be able to continue for the duration of their existing plan

  • The auto renew on these plans will remain in effect until June 10th

  • Customers will be contacted by SMS and by our telesales experts for guidance on upgrading to new plans


Are the plans available to Blackberry Users?

The plans are currently not available to Blackberry users.  However, they will be soon!  Blackberry users may still enjoy data access by activating their regular data plans using *140#


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