D Music FAQ

D Music FAQ


    What is D’Music? 

    D’Music is a music streaming phone app which allows customers to enjoy their favourite tunes, with these main features:

  • No Advertisement in the app;

  • Tracks can be downloaded, both over mobile or any Wi-Fi network,

  • Unlimited back and forward track skips

  • Local music content


    How Do Customers Access D’Music?

    Plans are accessible through the data menu (*140#) and through the My Digicel App.

    For customers accessing through *140#,  the customers need to go to option 6 – D’Music Plans and access a plan under this menu. 

    Via the My Digicel App, the customer needs to go under My plans to access a D’Music plan.

    What are the D’Music Plans offered?

    The plans are as follows:

Plan Name

 Price   $EC

D'Music 7 day 750 MB


D'Music 7 Day 1.5 GB


D'Music 14 Day 1 GB


D'Music 30 Day 2 GB



            Each plan allows for regular data use and D’Music use.  An additional data allocation of equal MB/GB is allocated to D’Music use So for example, with the 7             day 750 MB plan, 750 MB will be allocated towards regular data and an additional 750 MB for D’Music data.


        How is the Music App accessed?


        Activation can be done via *140# or through the My Digicel App for a D’Music plan.  A confirmation message will be sent with the URL for accessing the app.

        To access the app go to the playstore and type in DMusic or go to www.digicelmusic.com

        Log in with your Digicel ID or create one for logging in.

        After this, auto login to the app will be possible.


        What if D’Music Data runs out before the duration of the plan is up?

  • If D’Music data is consumed and the regular data is available, the customer will be able to continue using D’Music by accessing their regular data. In the event this is consumed as well, the customer will be paying the OOB rate to access D’Music (0.20/MB)


        Will the app work once a customer goes to the website or downloads through the app store?

  • Without a Music Plan the app will not work.  Customers who access the app without a plan will be prompted to purchase a plan via a link.


        Does D’Music Transit to Other Data Plans?

  • D’Music plans can only transit while active to Regular plans only.  This means that customers on a D’Music plan may activate a regular data plan while the D’Music plan is in progress.  Once the regular data plan is activated, the D’Music plan will no longer be active.


        Do D’Music plans Auto renew?

  • Yes.  All D’Music plans auto renew.


        What is Top Chart Experience?

        Top Chart experience is available on the 7 and 14 day plans

  • Ability to save 240 songs in 6 pre defined playlists per week

  • Change every single playlist after 7 days

  • News feed

  • Search by TAG/playlist/artist/song/album

  • WiFi offload

  • Unlimited skips back and forward

  • Access only by iOS/Android App


    What is Premium?

    Premium is available on the 30 day plan

    Premium includes Top Chart Experience and also allows for the user access to the complete catalogue of millions of tracks (Universal, Sony, Warner Music, local content)

  • The user can also create their own playlists

  • Top 5 Music Videos in streaming


            Is D’Music Available through Blackberry?

  • No, D’Music is only accessible with an android or iphone

        Can Music Be Shared?

        D’Music can be shared only from the play lists only with other users who have D’Music.


            Can Customers create their own playlists?

  • No, customers on the top chart experience cannot create their own playlists but can use the predefined playlists.


            Do Customers on the Top Chart Experience have access to listen to music out of their playlists?

  • Customers on the Top Chart Experience can listen to 30 sec clips of music selected out of their playlists.


        What Are the Codes for checking the Balance?

  • Regular data *120*131#
  • D’Music data *120*160#



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D Music FAQ