Shake It FAQs

My Digicel App 'Shake It' Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shake it promotion?

As a prepaid customer, Shake it rewards you with one hour of free social media WhatsApp chat, Facebook messenger , Instagram , Twitter and Snapchat)


Who can participate in the Shake it promotion?

The Shake it promotion is available to all prepaid customers with the MyDigicel app and are on a quick pick plan.


How many times can I ‘Shake it’ in one day?

Customer can shake at any time, however they will only receive one free hour of social per day.


How does the promotion work?

Once a customer is on an eligible plan, the customer can open MyDigicel app, click ‘Shake it’ from the menu and shake. Afterwards the customer is given a one hour slot to use social media (WhatsApp chat, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat).


Can I save my one hour free to use on another day?

No, once the customer shakes, the one hour received must be used within the designated time slot or the customer will lose this one hour and will need to wait until the next 24 hours before being eligible to play shake it again.


How will I know when my 1 hour free social media has ended?

Customers will receive an expiry message 10 mins before and at the time of expiry.

Expiry message: “Your FREE 1 hour social media just ended. Data will now be deducted from your plan or charged at standard rates. Shake it to get prizes everyday with MyDigicel app.”


Will my free 1 hour social media rollover when my quick pick expires?

Yes. Once a customer shakes and received an hour after quick pick expiration, the customer can still use this one hour.


Can I check how much I have left of my free 1 hour?

No. However customers will receive a message 10 mins before expiry of their 1 hour free social is about to end.


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Shake It FAQs