Digicel Loaner Credit Service

Digicel Loaner Credit

Digicel Loaner Credit Service - FAQ


What is the Digicel Loaner Credit Service?


Digicel Dominica Limited introduces a new service which will allow customers to request a credit advance when they are out of credit and have the immediate need to use their phone but they are not in the position to purchase credit.


How does the Loaner Credit service work?


The service will operate as follows:

  • Customer must opt in to the service via short code *139# and follow the instructions received via SMS.

  • After opting into the service, the customer’s account will be allowed to borrow up to $3.00.


Is the service available to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers?


The Loaner credit service is ONLY available to Prepaid subscribers.


What can Loaner Credit service be used for?


Customers who have activated loaner credit service will be allowed to make any voice call, send any text message or use data (pay-as-you-go usage only).

Activation of data & voice bundles will NOT be allowed.


What is the validity of Loaner credit service?


The Loaner service is valid for 24 Hrs.


How will a prepaid customer know when the $3.00 Loaner Credit is used?


A prepaid customer will know when the $3.00 loaner credit is used by checking the balance via short code *120# and balance reflected on account as (- $3.00).


Is there a cost to activate the Loaner Credit Service?


There is no charge for activation of service.


Is there a service fee to use the Loaner Credit Service?


Subscribers will be charged a service fee of $0.30 for using the Loaner Credit service.


When will the service fee apply?


The service fee will be applied on the customer’s top up.

  • This means that if a customer tops up e.g. $5.00 then the customer will receive $4.70.

  • If the customer’s account is in -$3.00 when the $5.00 top up is done then customer’s credit balance will be $1.70. (-$3.00 + $4.70)

  • If the customer’s account is in -$3.00 and exactly $3.00 top up is done then the customer will receive $2.70 and credit balance will be -$0.30. (-$3.00 + $2.70).

  • The charge of $0.30 will only be applied ONCE within the validity (24 hrs.) of service.


What methods of Top up will qualify for repayment?


  • Direct Top up (EMIDA/ EPIN)

  • Online Top up


    Can I top Up via Credit U?

    Yes. Customers are able to top up via the Credit U method, however this will not remove the customer from the Credit Advance category and the customer will still be required to pay the subscription fee of XCD $0.30 on their next regular top up.


    How many times can a customer’s balance reflect as (-$3.00)?


    A customer’s balance can be reflected as (-$3.00) if they continue doing transactions throughout the 24 hour period of the plan. This means that if the customer has -$3.00 balance and tops up then it can go back to -$3.00 if chargeable transactions such as calls are being made.


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