January Text to Win - FAQ

January Text to Win - FAQ


What is the ‘Text To Win – “NEW YEAR’S WORD SCRAMBLE’ Promotion about?


Text To Win – “NEW YEAR’S WORD SCRAMBLE is a promotion that offers ALL Digicel subscribers a chance to win up to $5,000 in the cash vault.

Customers simply text the key word “CASH” to 7171 and enter the ‘Text to win – New Year’s Word Scramble promotion. For each request to short code 7171, the customer receives a corresponding SMS and will be required to unscramble a word.


Is the promotion available to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers?


The ‘Text to Win’ promotion is available to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers.


How does the ‘Text to Win’ promotion work?


Initiating/Registering to the Game:

Subscribers will text the keyword “CASH” to 7171 to initiate the game and will receive the Welcome Message:  “Welcome to Digicel’s New Year’s Word Scramble. Answer correctly to be the Top casher & WIN great prizes! Now unscramble {word}.”

Subscribers will be charged for texts sent to 7171.

If the incorrect keyword is texted in, the subscriber will receive the Reply Message: “Invalid keyword. Text CASH to start cashing Digicel's New Year’s Word Scramble for a chance to WIN Great Prizes!”

Incorrect Response: 

If the subscriber sends in the incorrect response then the following message will be returned to them:


Whoops! That answer is incorrect. Please try again.


Correct Response:

If the subscriber sends in the correct response then one of the following messages will be returned to them:

You are correct!

Right answer, keep cashing!

That's correct!

You're doing well!

WOW, you're doing great!

You're correct, keep cashing!


Completing all the questions in the game:

When the subscriber completes all the questions in the game, the following message is sent to them:

Congrats, you're doing great. You're now ranked {rank}. Text CASH to keep cashing & WIN great prizes!




How many winners will be selected for the Grand Prize Draw?

1 WINNER will be selected for the NEW YEAR’S WORD SCRAMBLE promotion to win up to $5,000 in the cash vault.


Is there a cost for sending the text?

There is a minimum fee of XCD $1.00 per text message.


How long is the promotion?

Promotion is from 4th January 2016 to 31 January 2016.


When will the draw take place?

Draw will take place on;

KAIRI FM…………………… 02:15 PM – 03:00 PM


Am I able to participate while roaming?

No. Roaming customers are NOT able to participate in the Text to WIN – NEW YEAR’S WORD SCRAMBLE promotion.



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