Digicel Ad Control

Digicel Advertising Control

Fed up of ads eating up your data allowance?  Fed up of ads slowing down websites?

Remember when you could browse the web without being bombarded with ads?

Digicel Ad control service is now FREE of charge to all Digicel mobile customers and available on Digicel’s network without any activation required.  The Digicel Ad Control service reduces the amount of ads displayed on websites and in apps on the Digicel Network. 


Benefits of Digicel Ad control service:

  • Reduces the number of ads displayed, which means less data used to display ads – more data for you!
  • Reduces the cost of web browsing by reducing the amount of data used for ads
  • Filters out irresponsible ads - even the online ad industry itself admits that internet ads are out of control!
  • Faster web experience
  • Improves battery life
  • FREE of charge


Yes Please - let’s make the Internet user friendly again!

You do not need to do anything as Digicel has given all of its customers access to this service FREE of charge.


No Thanks – I’m happy to use more of my data for ads

If you prefer not to have this facility and would like to deactivate this service, simply dial *140*30# from your Digicel mobile phone. If you have deactivated this service, you can dial the same code at any time to reactivate.


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Digicel Ad Control