1 Month Free with Digicel+

Digicel + One Month Free Promotion FAQs

1 Month Free with Digicel+



  1. 1.      What is the Digicel+ 1 month free promotion about?


Customers signing up to any Digicel+ Home Fibre (TV & Internet) bundle will get 1 month of their service, free.



2.      How can I sign up for this offer?


You can sign up for a Digicel+ bundle at any Digicel Store or with a Digicel sales agent.



3.      What do I need to sign up?


To sign up for a Digicel+ Home Fibre bundle, you will need a valid national I.D. (such as a social security card, driver’s license or passport). Additionally, you will need to pay the cost of the Home Fibre package selected.  


4.      What is the cost to get installed?


Your service will be installed for FREE. You will not be charged for this.



5.      How long will it take to get installed?


It takes an average of 7 days to get installed; however, you can speak with a Digicel sales agent on the possibilities of getting the service sooner.



6.      Once I’ve signed up when do I start making monthly payments?


Once signed up, you will receive your first month of service at no cost. It means you will only be required to make a payment at your second month of service. 



7.      Who can take up this offer?


Any one signing up to a Digicel+ Home Fibre (TV & Internet) package will benefit from this offer.



8.      How long will this promotion last?


This offer is on until January 14, 2022.



9.      What other benefits come with this offer?


Customers signing up will also be entered to win the grand prize of ECD$15, 000 or up to 6 months free of service this Christmas.



10.  What number can I call or message to connect with a sales agent?


You can send a BiP or Whatsapp message to 1767 616 6699 or 1767 317 3444 to reach an agent or if you need any clarity. You may also email us at: domsales@digicelgroup.com or call 1767 616 1500.