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3X New Data Plans!


LTE Data Plans keep you connected and offers free unlimited Rollover of your unused data.

Each LTE Data Plan gives you unlimited WhatsApp text*.
Activate your LTE Data Plan by using the MyDigicel App or or by dialing the relevant USSD code.  

Plan Name Price Data
NEW 30 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 155.00 15 GB
NEW 30 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 100.00 8 GB
NEW 30 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 94.00 6 GB
30 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 56.00 3.5 GB
7 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 22.00 1 GB
3 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 10.00 500 MB
1 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 4.99 150 MB
1 Day LTE Data Plan Fl. 2.50 75 MB


* WhatsApp calls and video calls will be deducted from your plan. 


Know more about LTE Data Plans View More FAQs

Are LTE Data Plans available to all customers?

LTE Data Plans are available only to our Prepaid Customers. Both new and existing customers can activate am LTE Data Plan for as low as NAF 2.50


How do I activate my LTE Data Plan?

Customers can activate a LTE Data Plan through either the My Digicel App or by dialing from their phone the *123# shortcode.


What will happen when my data allotment depletes?

To improve your experience, overage charges are blocked while you are in any LTE Data Plan. Once your data allotment is exhausted. To stay connected, you can buy another LTE Data Plans for only FL 2.50.


What do I get with my LTE Data Plan?

Each Data Plan gives you Data + WhatsApp text in 1, 3, 7 and 30 days durations. You can get any LTE Data Plan by using the MyDigicel App or by dialing the *123# shortcode.


View Terms and Conditions for our LTE Data Plans.

Learn how to set up LTE on your phone here.  

Find out more about LTE with our FAQs here.

Aktivá bo LTE Data Plan riba My Digicel App

Manehá bo data fásil i lilhé

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LTE Data Plans