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 FAQs: International Voice Bundles 


1. What are International Voice Bundles? 

· Digicel International Voice Bundles are calling plans that will allow prepaid customers to have free bundled minutes that may be used to call selected international destinations. 

· Calling plans are valid for 7-days period. 

· After a customer has exhausted his bundle of minutes allotted for the period he can buy additional minutes or return to the regular rates to call these international destinations: 





Dominican Republic, 




2. What is the price plan for the International Voice Bundles? 

The subscription fee for the Digicel International Voice Bundles is: 

 Plan Name   Plan Price   Activation For Feature Phones   Activation For Smart Phones 
 15 min  Naf. 5,-  Dial *468*15#Send  Dial #123#Send
 45 min  Naf. 15,-  Dial *468*45#Send  Dial #123#Send
 80 min  Naf. 25,-  Dial *468*80#Send  Dial #123#Send


The above allocations of minutes are based on calls to FIXED numbers, with the exception of USA & Canada which has the same number of minutes for fixed and mobile. Calls to Mobiles get the following minute allowance; 

 Plan Name   Plan Price   Activation For Feature Phones   Activation For Smart Phones 
 10 min  Naf. 5,-  Dial *468*15#Send  Dial #123#Send
 30 min  Naf. 15,-  Dial *468*45#Send  Dial #123#Send
 51 min  Naf. 25,-  Dial *468*80#Send  Dial #123#Send


 3. What are the effective rates calls in the International Voice Bundles? 

 Destinations                                         Fixed Rate   Mobile Rate 
5 Naf Plans
 Colombia  0.33  0.50
 Dom Rep  0.33  0.50
 Venezuela  0.33  0.50
 Peru  0.33  0.50
 Netherlands  0.33  0.50
 USA  0.33  0.33
 Canada  0.33  0.33
15 Naf Plans
 Colombia  0.33  0.50
 Dom Rep  0.33  0.50
 Venezuela  0.33  0.50
 Peru  0.33  0.50
 Netherlands  0.33  0.50
 USA  0.33  0.33
 Canada  0.33  0.33
25 Naf Plans
 Colombia  0.31  0.49
 Dom Rep  0.31  0.49
 Venezuela  0.31  0.49
 Peru  0.31  0.49
 Netherlands  0.31  0.49
 USA  0.31  0.31
 Canada  0.31  0.31


4. How does this Plan work? 

Once a you have activated the service, you will begin to access bundles and then a discounted rate to call the specified destinations 

The plan is valid for 7 days after activation. 

If the call being made is to a number outside the approved international numbers, then regular rates will apply 


5. Who can activate the International voice Bundles

All Digicel prepaid customers have access to this service. 


6. What are the benefits of activating the International Voice Bundles? 

You will be able to access bundles and reduced rates to call selected international destinations. 

7. How do I activate an International Voice Bundles? 

STEPS For SmartPhones: 

1. Dial *123# and follow the instructions 


STEPS For Feature Phones: 

1. Dial “*468# SEND” to initiate the International Voice Bundles

2. Once the request is received you will receive instruction via text messages as seen below: Message 1 “Welcome to Digicel International Voice Bundles. Instructions to join the plan will follow.” 

Message 2 “To activate plan 15 minutes voice bundles at a cost of 5.00 ANG dial *468*15#. To activate 45 minutes voice Bundles at a cost of 15.00 ANG dial *468*45# 

Message 3 “To activate plan 80 minutes voice Bundles at a cost of 25.00 ANG dial *468*80#.” 

Once you have selected the plan of choice e.g. 15 minutes Voice Bundle plan, you will be prompted to confirm payment for the plan via the following text message: 

Message 4 (Confirm Acceptance): 

Please confirm activation of 15 minutes voice bundles by dialing *468*1#. To cancel dial *468*9#.” 

3. Once the activation is complete, a final confirmation text message is sent advising you that the plan is now active 

8. What happens if I have insufficient credit to activate the International voice Bundles? 

You will receive an SMS stating “Sorry you do not have enough funds to activate the plan. Please add credit to your account and try again by sending *468#. Thank you for choosing Digicel”

Once sufficient credit is on account, you may try again by entering *468*<plan id># 

9. Will unused bundled minutes associated with the Digicel International voice Bundles be available for use after service expiry? 

No. The International voice Bundles is valid for 7-days and as such all benefits, including bundled minutes associated with the plan will expire after that time. 

10. How can I buy additional Minutes? 

To buy additional rates please dial *468*5*<plan id># 

11. How can I query the service expiry and remaining minutes on my Digicel International voice Bundles? 

To query remaining minutes dial *468*<Plan id>#. 

You will receive the following SMS: 

You have <MINUTES> minutes remaining on your International voice Bundles which expires on ^EXPIRE_DATE^. Thank you for choosing Digicel.” 

12. What is the charge for making calls to countries outside of an International voice Bundles destination? 

If a call is made to any other number outside of the selected destinations then the regular call charges will be applied. 

13. When I am roaming will I still receive a discount on calling countries included in the International voice Bundles? 

No. The benefit for the International voice Bundles is ONLY available within the home network





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