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Credit Advance

How does the CREDIT ADVANCE service work?

As a prepaid customer, CREDIT ADVANCE allows you to access credit loan amounts from as low as FL 2.00 to a maximum of  FL 6.00 for a fixed loan fee of 10% of the loan amount. To request a CREDIT ADVANCE amount, simply dial *170#.  

What is the amount of the credit advance allowance and it’s fee? 

 Market   Loan / Naf   Fee Amount 
 Curacao   2.00   0.2 
 Curacao   4.00   0.4 
 Curacao   6.00   0.6 


How do I qualify for the CREDIT ADVANCE service?           

When customer reaches zero balance they have the opportunity to get credit allowance to make voice calls. To check if you are eligible for the CREDIT ADVANCE service, please dial *142#.


How do I repay my CREDIT ADVANCE?    

Repayment of your CREDIT ADVANCE is done at your next top up or via Credit U transfer received. DataFlex top ups do not qualify for CREDIT ADVANCE repayment


How can I sign up for or request a CREDIT ADVANCE?       

To sign up to access our CREDIT ADVANCE service, please dial *170#.


How do I check my CREDIT ADVANCE balance?  

To check your CREDIT ADVANCE balance, dial *170# then select the option, “Get Loan Balance” from the CREDIT ADVANCE menu. You can also use the *170# code to access your CREDIT ADVANCE balance.



Credit U/ Credit Me

How does the Digicel Credit U service work?      

Prepaid and postpaid customers can send credit to up to ten prepaid accounts, ranging from as low as Fl. 2,- to a maximum of Fl. 100,- in a given day.

To transfer credit from a prepaid or postpaid account, dial *128*297 (telephone number)*the amount in FL# (Example: *128*2977400506*10#) then press SEND. 

Can I retrieve credit that I’ve mistakenly sent to the wrong account?

No, this is not possible in case of any error please contact customer care at 145.


How do I verify that my Credit U transfer was done correctly?     

You will receive a confirmation notification.


I attempted to send a Credit U transfer, but did not receive a confirmation message. What do I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation message that your Credit U transfer was successful, check your account balance by dialling *142# before attempting to send it again.    


Can I use my Credit U transfer credit to activate a data plan?        

Yes. Any credit that is on your Main Account can be used to activate data plans. 




Credit Me

The Credit Me service enables you to send a request to your friends and family here or abroad to send you Digicel credit.

*Only Digicel prepaid customers can request credit via the Credit Me service. In order to request credit, your account balance must be less than FL 10.00 Digicel prepaid customers may request credit from anyone with a mobile phone, anywhere in the world! Sending a Credit Me request is quick and easy! Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Dial *127*297 the receiver’s number* the amount you want to request # and press send.

(Eg. To request Fl. 20 from 1234567, dial: *127*2971234567*20# and press send)

2. Wait for the confirmation message and confirm request.




How do I use this service?             

Digi INFO Alerts means you can sign up to receive selected Digi INFO texts each day. For example, with Digi INFO services, you can automatically receive news headlines or daily horoscopes.


How do I sign up?

You can type in the keyword for the information you want and send to 4636 (info).

How do I unsubscribe from the service?                 

As you don’t have to subscribe to the service, there is no need to unsubscribe.




What is Unlimited Rollover Data & Talk?

Unlimited rollover data and talk is a benefit of our Quick Pick and LTE bundles and where unused data and talk from your plan allowances are rolled over.


As a prepaid customer, how do I access this service?

You can access the unlimited rollover and talk enhancement feature by activating a bundle via the MyDigicel App, website or by dialing *123# to access the UMM self-help option.

Is Unlimited Rollover a promotion, meaning is it available for a limited time?

Unlimited rollover data and talk is Digicel’s latest offer designed to keep you seamlessly connected to the things you love without worrying about losing your unused data or talk. Once you’re on a Quick Pick or LTE bundle you’re eligible to receive unlimited rollover data and talk.


Is there a maximum or minimum that can be rolled over?

You will never lose any MB of unused data or any second of unused talk as long as you are on a Quick Pick or LTE bundle– and you can use it however you want, whenever you want.


Will my rolled over data and talk accumulate month on month?

Yes - as long as you are on Quick Pick or LTE bundle, you’ll never lose your used data or talk. Your unused data and talk will automatically rollover for you to use whenever you choose 


What’s the catch?

There’s no catch – no strings attached. With Digicel’s unlimited rollover data and talk, customers on a Quik Pick or LTE bundle will receive automatic rollover of every MB of their unused data and every second of unused talk to use whenever you want, however you want.


Read More about Rollover here.

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