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borrow up to Fl.10.00 with Credit Advance

Credit Advance

What is Digicel Credit Advance?

Digicel Credit Advance gives you the chance to make use of Digicel services when not having sufficient funds to do this.  Borrow amounts of FL 2.00, FL 4.00 , FL 6.00 and FL 10.00.

Simply dial the USSD code *123# or activate through the My Digicel App.


How can I use the advance credit?

This new setup will not only allow you to finish your call, but you can use this to buy any plan as well. The loan amount will be credited on your main account so it will be visible on the balance inquiry *142#.The credit can be used at any time and there are no restrictions on activation of loan, nor how the credit can be used

Additional: Subscribers are not able to activate a new loan until the corresponding plan is closed. A service fee of Fl 0.30, Fl 0.60, Fl 0.90 and Fl 1.50.

Credit Advance
Loan Fee Amount
Fl. 2.00 Fl. 0.30
Fl. 2.00
Fee Amount
Fl. 0.30
Fl. 4.00 Fl. 0.60
Fl. 4.00
Fee Amount
Fl. 0.60
Fl. 6.00 Fl. 0.90
Fl. 6.00
Fee Amount
Fl. 0.90
Fl. 10.00 Fl. 1.50
Fl. 10.00
Fee Amount
Fl. 1.50
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How do I repay my CREDIT ADVANCE?

Repayment of your CREDIT ADVANCE is done at your next top up.


How do I check my CREDIT ADVANCE balance?                

To check your open balance, open the My Digicel app, go to account and balances and you will find the open balance amount.


How do I know if I’m qualified to activate the Fl 10.00 ?

You will need to have a Minimum of 3 months active in the base AND at least 1 top up per month (10 lforin or more) over the last 3 months to be qualified.


Will I receive airtime when applying for CREDIT ADVANCE?

No, Airtime is received when a top up is performed


Can I activate the CREDIT ADVANCE while being Deactive?

No, you need to be in an active state to activate CREDIT ADVANCE.


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Credit Advance