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Text 2 Win

Who can play this game?

Both prepaid as postpaid subscribers may participate in the game.


How do I initiate the game?

Subscribers will text in the keyword “PLAY” to 7171 to initiate the game and will receive a Welcome Message.

Game Overview:

·       Subscribers will Opt-In via short code 7171 to pick up jacks and gain points.

·       Subsequent to registering, subscribers will receive a “pick up a jack” with an associated value on a daily basis. 


How do I activate Text 2 To WIN?

Subscribers will be charged FL 1 for each text to 7171.


What happens if I text the incorrect keyword?

If the incorrect keyword is texted in, the subscriber will receive the Reply Message: “Invalid keyword. Text PLAY to start playing Digicel's Jacks & pick up the largest number of jacks & points to WIN!”

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Text 2 Win