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d’Music is a digital streaming music service that has over 30 million tracks in genres such as: Pop, Hip-Hop, RNB, Rap, Reggae Dancehall, Electronic, Reggaeton, Alternative and much more.

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Start streaming music with d'Music in no time. Search for music with featured playlists or create your own playlist. Learn how.

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You can download tracks to your phone so that you can listen while offline. Check out the FAQs for more information.




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What experience will I have with d’Music?

TOP CHART experience – Fl.1,75

  • Ability to save 240 songs in 6 playlist per week PLUS access to the complete catalogue of over 30 million tracks
  • Change every single playlist after 7 days
  • Top 5 Music Videos in streaming
  • News feed


PREMIUM Experience – Fl.4,50 per month – Top Chart experience PLUS

  • Access to Unlimited Playlists
  • Ability to create playlists
  • Access the service on www.digicelmusic.com; you can use the same account simultaneously on mobile app and on web


Can I use d’Music while roaming?

Yes! You can access your d’Music account while abroad but data charge may apply.  Be sure to download all your tracks to listen offline so that you won’t have any data charge while you are roaming.  You will have access to the content from your home country wherever you go!


Can I listen to d’Music offline?

Yes you can listen to d’Music offline once you had downloaded the music from the app. Remember you can download music offline and also over Wi-Fi network.


Can I share the music I am listening to?

Yes, you can share songs, playlists, albums through social networks, email and WhatsApp.  



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