Billo Refer a Friend FAQS

Billo Refer a Friend FAQS

Billo Refer a Friend FAQS

1.       What is the Billo Referral Campaign?

A user can refer a friend and both parties will receiver 5GB free cloud storage. The user can refer up to 10 friends to earn 50GBs.


2.       How many friends can you refer?

You can refer up to 10 friends equaling 50GB free cloud storage.


3.       What can I use the 5GB free storage on?

On any files uploaded including: files, photos, videos, music, documents.


4.       Is my Billo storage secure?

Yes, Billo storage is very secure. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides your account improved security and prevents attackers from accessing your data. When you attempt to access your account from different devices, an authentication code will be sent via your phone number or e-mail. Unless you confirm it, you will not be able to log in. Third parties do not have access to your saved data.


5.       What does my friend need to do to get the 5GB free storage?

Your friend must download & sign up to a Billo account to get the 5GB free storage.


6.       Can my friend refer friends after receiving their 5GB free storage?

Yes, your friend then may invite 10 more friends and receive 5GB per friend that signs up.


7.       Can I refer a friend that already has Billo?

No, to receive 5GB you must invite new friends that do not have Billo.


8.       When does the campaign start and end?

This is not a campaign it is a new feature on the app.


9.       Who can use this feature?

Anyone with a Billo account can use this feature.


10.   How does the campaign work?

You can refer a friend by clicking on settings> Invite your friends>Share link via message app of choice


11.   How many GB (storage) will I get?

You will get 5GB storage per friend you refer (up to 50GB).


12.   What is the validity of the storage?

The storage is valid for 1 year.


13.   Do I need to take an extra step to claim the storage?

No, the storage will be automatically applied to your account.


14.   Can I also invite competitor subs?

You can invite any user who doesn’t already have a Billo account.


15.   Can I share with more than 10 persons?

You can share with more than 10 persons but will only be rewarded for 10 people.