Extra Services


Extra Services

Credit Me


The Credit Me service enables you to send a request to your friends and family here or abroad to send you Digicel credit.

Digicel prepaid customers can request credit via the Credit Me service. In order to request credit, your account balance must be less than Fl 10.00 Digicel prepaid customers may request credit from anyone with a mobile phone, anywhere in the world! Sending a Credit Me request is quick and easy! Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Dial *127*5999the receiver’s number* the amount you want to request # and press send.

(Eg. To request Fl. 20.00 from 1234567, dial: *127*59991234567*20# and press send)

2. Wait for the confirmation message and confirm request.

Credit U


How does the Digicel Credit U service work?      

Prepaid customers can send credit to up to ten prepaid accounts, ranging from as low as Fl. 2.00 to a maximum of Fl. 100.00 in a given day for the cost of Fl 0.20 per transfer, regardless of the amount. 

To transfer Fl 10.00 credit dial *128*5999 (telephone number)*the amount in Fl. # (Example: *128*59991234567*10#) then press SEND. 



How do I verify that my Credit U transfer was done correctly?     

You will receive a confirmation notification.


I attempted to send a Credit U transfer, but did not receive a confirmation message. What do I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation message that your Credit U transfer was not successful, check your account balance by dialling *142# before attempting to send it again.    


Can I use my Credit U transfer credit to activate a data plan?        

Yes. Any credit that is on your Main Account can be used to activate data plans. 


Can I retrieve credit that I’ve mistakenly sent to the wrong account?

No, this is not possible in case of any error please contact customer care at 145.

What is Digicel Credit Advance?

Digicel Credit Advance gives you the chance to make use of Digicel services when not having sufficient funds to do this. As a prepaid customer, CREDIT ADVANCE allows you to access a credit advance amounts from as low as Fl. 6.00 to a maximum of Fl. 20.00 for a fixed loan fee of 15% of the loan amount. 


How can I use the advance credit?

Credit Advance can be used to purchase a plan, make calls and send text messages.


How do I qualify for the CREDIT ADVANCE service?        

Need to have an active Digicel prepaid account to have the opportunity to request a Credit Advance.  


How can I request a CREDIT ADVANCE?  

To request to CREDIT ADVANCE service, please dial *123# or use the My Digicel App.


Credit Advance Fee

Loan  Fee Amount 
Fl. 6.00 Fl. 0.90
F. 10.00 Fl. 1.50
Fl. 15.00 Fl. 2.25
Fl. 20.00 Fl. 3


How do I repay my CREDIT ADVANCE? 

Repayment of your CREDIT ADVANCE is done at your next top up. 


How do I check my CREDIT ADVANCE balance?                 

To check your open balance, open the My Digicel app, go to account and balances and you will find the open balance amount.


How do I know if I’m qualified to activate the Fl. 20.00?

You will need to have a Minimum of 3 months active in the base AND at least 1 top up per month (Fl.20 or more) over the last 3 months to be qualified.


Will I receive airtime when applying for CREDIT ADVANCE?

No, Airtime is received when a top up is performed


Can I activate the CREDIT ADVANCE while being Deactive? 

No, you need to be in an active state to activate CREDIT ADVANCE.


Additional: Subscribers are not able to activate a new loan until the corresponding loan is closed. 

UNIVERSAL MENU - For a comprehensive menu with our most frequently used services, simply dial *123#


PREPAID BALANCE ENQUIRY – Conveniently check your Digicel Prepaid account. Simply dial *142#


TOP UP – To add credit to your account dial *141*voucher number# and press “SEND”.


DATA BALANCE – To check your remaining data balance, dial *123# or check it through My Digicel App




PLEASE CALL ME – Request a call from a friend by dialing *126*5999digicel number# and press “SEND”. Your account balance must have less than


CREDIT ME – To request credit from a friend, dial *127*5999digicel number*amount # and press “SEND”. Account balance must have less than Fl 2.00


CREDIT U – To send credit to a friend, dial *128*5999digicel number*amount# and press “SEND”. You will be charged Fl 0.20 per transaction.


TOP-U-UP – Add credit from a voucher card to a friend's number, dial *125*5999digicelnumber*voucher number# and press “SEND”.


VOICEMAIL – To check your voicemail, call 144.


WHAT’S MY NUMBER – To find out what your Digicel mobile number is, dial *129#


CREDIT ADVANCE - To request a credit advance dial *123# or activate through the My Digicel App. and select from the available options.


OUTSTANDING CREDIT ADVANCE - To check outstanding Credit Advance balance visit My Digicel App.


GIFT A PLAN - To purchase a data plan for a friend or loved one activate this through the My Digicel App.

We have two ways to send you your Digicel invoice, one being digitally and send by email this invoice is referred to as Ebill. The other is the traditional printed invoice which you receive in your mailbox via Cpost. Due date of Digicel invoice is on the 21st of every month.

There are several methods by which you can pay your invoice. Each with their own timeline (processing time). Below you will find an overview of the different payment methods including their timelines so you know exactly how long it takes before your payment is processed.


These digital invoices are distributed to our customers between the 1st and 8th of each month

Printed invoices

Our aim is to have these to our customers before the 15th of every month.

We therefor encourage our customers to convert to Ebill. Besides the quicker distribution, it is environmental friendly and it saves customers ANG 5,- printed invoice charge.

Depending on your bank you can see below how easy it is to pay your monthly invoice and how much time it takes for a transfer to be completed.

A transfer is completed when Digicel receives the funds on the bank statement after which it is posted to your account.

Payment Methods

  Name Method Location Time frame
MCB Direct Debit Digicel executes automatically Every (1) Hour
    Transfer to Digicel bank account At the Bank / from a computer 2 working days
Stores Cash Store Prompt
    Debit Card / Credit Card Store Prompt
Several merchants with Pagomatiko logo Pagomatiko (MCB) Several Merchants Every (1) Hour
Several merchants with Pagafasil logo Pagafasil (PSB) Several Merchants Every (1) Hour

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is our most convenient payment method. The customers signs up once and every month an automatic transfer is done.

A Direct Debit Mandate is available at all our stores or through your account manager. Additional documents needed are your ID and a header of your most recent bank statement showing the account number and that you are the account owner.


What is needed to apply:

·       Direct Debit form (available at all our stores)

·       Identification (ID, Driver license, Passport)

·       Header of your most recent bank statement (showing your bank account number, name and address – for verification purposes)


Transfer to Digicel Bank account

This can be done from the convenience of your home behind a computer or tablet or by visiting the cashier at your bank.

Here is a list of our accounts at several banks.


Bank information:

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank         153.67.209                        


Beneficiary: Digicel Curacao

Address: Biesheuvel 24-25


IMPORTANT: Customers need to mention their Account No. ” 171xxxxxxxx, visible at the top right on the invoice.

When a customer has more than one account it is advisable to pay each one seperately, mentioning their respective account number.

Pagomatiko and Pagafasil

These are services that several merchants on the island give allowing customers to pay their bills.

Look for their logo at for example gas stations and convenient stores (toko’s).


Cash, debit or credit card

These payment methods can be used at each of our three Digicel stores.

But why wait in line if the other options are so much quicker.

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