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The average attention span of your customer is 9 seconds. Is your message cutting through?

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In today’s market, consumers are targeted by millions of ads every minute of the day. Tuning those ads out has become a natural reaction. This makes it hard for businesses to evaluate which channels are the most effective in getting a message across to the right consumer.

Digicel Mobile Advertising offers solutions to connect with your customer wherever they are. Every solution is scalable so your business can make a mark no matter your budget. With our team of digital experts, building distinctive content for your audience is easy.

Below is a full list of our Mobile Advertising solutions to help your business better connect with your customers

✓ Mobile Sites- Responsive and Dynamic, drive traffic and measure results

✓ Ad Messenger- Non-intrusive, high converting digital ad format for mobile marketing

✓ Wrap- Mobile app-like experience for commerce, lead gen forms, or branded content

✓ SMS Broadcast- Tell Bermuda about your newest product, or latest event via SMS

✓ SMS Integration- We work with your existing platforms to notify customers via SMS

✓ Short Codes- Place a Call To Action across any Traditional Media and test effectiveness

✓ Social Media- Let us help you set up a campaign on every social channel

✓ Programmatic- Use technology and audience insights to evaluate online advertising opportunities in real time


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