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LTE Data & Overages

Made Simple

3G VS 4G LTE: What is the difference?

4G LTE is a network data connection that allows you to download and upload content at much greater speeds – up to ten times faster than on the 3G network.

What does this mean for me?

When you are on the 4G LTE network, you can will enjoy lightning fast speeds on all your favorite social media apps and while browsing the internet. That's right, get buffer free video streaming on YouTube, send superfast snaps and so much more on Bermuda's best LTE network.

With superfast LTE, you may use more data, this is why we are giving you the tools to control your data usage worry free


You’re in Control


Now, there is no more wondering when you’ve run out of data and have gone into overages.

You will be notified by SMS before you reach your plan data allowance and you will be notified when you go into overages.

Ran out of Data on your Postpaid plan? No worries!

Not only will you get notified that you are running out before you go into overages via SMS, but once you run out, you’ll automatically get a data bucket of 250MB for $10. The old way of charging data overages on a per MB basis does not include notifications. With our new data buckets, you are in control, and you know exactly what you are getting and for how much.

Once that 250 MB data bucket is used, another will be automatically added to your account and again we will keep notifying you. 

Plus, with My Digicel App, you can check your data balance on any plan whether you are Postpaid or Prepaid! Just download it from your app store for FREE to manage your account with ease.

If you want even better value when you run out of data, choose one of data add-ons below. Purchase via My Digicel app or dial *777#

Data Add-Ons
Data Amount
1GB $20
5GB $50
10GB $90

New LTE Smartphone Plans


We’ve launched new Postpaid LTE plans so you can enjoy superfast speeds with great value!

Our plans give you free data for WhatsApp, iMessages and Facetime plus 1 GB of free data for d’Music and 1 GB of free data for Apple Music.

On top of that, you can download and stream over 50,000 songs with d’Music for free.

Plus, get 3 months unlimited data with any New Postpaid Plan activation! All the LTE data you can use for 3 whole months! Test it out and find out how much you need. 


Plus with Prepaid you get:


FREE GO SOCIAL on all Prepaid Freedom Bundle plans! Get all the free LTE data you want for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp


Want more information? Click here for a list of frequently asked questions on LTE or here for more information on how we charge for data overages.

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Data and Overages