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The Digicel Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Winner
Carlsen E. Philip II
The recipient of the 2015 Digicel Scholarship, he exhibits extraordinary personal and academic qualities that embody the Digicel brand, for which he has received a $15k scholarship.

At Digicel we are responsive, agile and caring.  We push boundaries and are uncomfortable being comfortable.  We question norms and we put our ideas into action.  We care about our customers and we show it.  That’s why 11 million customers worldwide choose and trust Digicel.  

We believe in the Bermudian community and are passionate about our young, talented and aspiring future leaders.  Do you consider yourself innovative, forward thinking and share the norms and values described above, if so, the Scholarship Committee here at Digicel want to hear from you!

In preparation for entrance into the workplace here in Bermuda, Digicel is offering 4 scholarships totaling $20,000 for a period of up to three years, to Bermudian students qualified to proceed with, or currently enrolled in, university studies leading to a degree within the Telecommunications Industry and or Business Administration related field.  The scholarships are intended to assist with tuition costs per academic year.  The recipients of the Digicel Scholarship award will be required to commit to full internships with Digicel during school breaks.

Criteria & Documents Required

  • Transcripts
  • Proof of Bermudian Citizenship 
  • Letter of acceptance or proof of study at an accredited tertiary institution (or interim status of application)
  • Letter from University or College stating Tuition Costs
  • 2 Character References
  • Full face Photograph
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Reference indicating 5 years schooling in Bermuda
  • Current Resume
  • Essay and 5-7 Minute multimedia clip (Demonstrating how you are extraordinary)
  • Outstanding scholastic ability
  • Non academic pursuits (such as community involvement and athletic achievements)
  • Willing to work at Digicel in Bermuda for a minimum of two years post-graduation should Digicel extend an offer of employment

Demonstrate how you are Extraordinary and showcase your creativity, innovation and talent!

Essay Requirement

  • In up to 700 words, (with a minimum of 500) please elaborate on if your name were an acronym, what would it stand for and how it would reflect your strengths and personality?

Multimedia Presentation 

  • Imagine that you have just reached your one millionth hit on your own personal YouTube video. Re-enact what this video is about.  Your presentations should not be less than five minutes long and not more than seven minutes long and can be in the format of your choice.  Please ensure that you deliver your USB stick with your completed application, ensuring that you submit all documents and criteria.  (Please collect a USB from the Digicel Corporate Office)

Submit your completed application package to:  The Scholarship Committee, Digicel, Washington Mall, Phase II, 22 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda, HM 11. Please ensure the following documents are submitted no later than July 31, 2015.  An application will only be considered if all the required documentation is submitted by July 31, 2015.  All documentation submitted to Digicel will not be released back to you and will become the property of Digicel.

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