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LTE Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTE? 

A: LTE is superfast data that is up to 10 times faster than 3G. LTE means no more buffering or loading, superfast, clear and crisp video streaming, video/voice calling and browsing.

Q. How do I know if I already have LTE?

A: Look at the top corners of your screen. If it says LTE, then you are already connected!

Q. How can I get LTE?

A: You need an LTE compatible device, SIM, plan and coverage. If you have all four, then you automatically have LTE!

Q. How do I check if my device is compatible and switch to LTE?

A:  Click here  for steps to activate LTE on your device.  If you don’t have an LTE compatible device, visit us in store on Church Street or shop online at

Q. How do I check if I have a compatible SIM?

A: Digicel has been providing customers with LTE SIMs for over a year. If you have an older SIM, and you are not sure if it is LTE, you can come by the Digicel Flagship store and we can help you figure it out. If you need an LTE SIM, we will give you one free of charge.

Q. How do I check if I have a compatible plan?

A:  All our plans are compatible with LTE with the exception of our Grandfathered Premium Smartphone Plan. Unlimited data add-on plans will remain 3G and will not be transferred to LTE. We have new special LTE plans so you can benefit from superfast data. To sign up, contact us at 500-5000 or visit us in store.

Q. How do I get coverage?

A: If you have a Digicel mobile plan and you are not visiting whales on a boat then you should have coverage. Digicel LTE is island-wide so for the most part you should have coverage wherever you go.

Q. LTE is not working for me. How do I fix it?

A: If you have read the previous four questions, tried to validate the answers and your LTE still does not work please give us a call at 500-5000, web chat with us at or visit us at our flagship store on Church Street and we will help you get LTE. 

Q. I am an existing customer, what happens to me?

A: If you have an LTE compatible device, SIM and plan, you will be automatically transferred to our superfast LTE network. You also have the option to upgrade to one of our LTE plans and enjoy free facetime, iMessage, Whats App messenger and video calling.

Q. I am an existing customer, with an ‘unlimited’ data plan. Do I get LTE?

A: No, if you want LTE, you can move to our Postpaid LTE plans below.

Q. Do you have Postpaid LTE plans?

A: Yes, we have cool new Postpaid plans for LTE which help you enjoy the best from this superfast data For Postpaid, LTE plans can be found here.

Q. Do you have Prepaid LTE plans?

A: All current Prepaid plans including data now include superfast LTE data. If you have an LTE compatible SIM and device, you will be able to take advantage of LTE automatically.

Q. Will LTE use more data?

A: LTE means that your data will be faster. It does not mean that your plan will be automatically more expensive. However, the new experience is so great that you might want to use your phone more to watch videos for example. In this case your new habits might mean you will use more data but don’t worry, to help you gage your data need, we offer Data Test Drive on all new Smartphone plan activations. That means you can use all the data you want for 3 months free. On top of that, our new LTE plans give you free what’s app, iMessage and Facetime data use so you can get more enjoyment out of the new network without needing to pay for more data.

Q. How do I check my data balance?

A: You can use the My Digicel App to view your balance. Click here to download the app:

Q. What if I use all my data?

  1. A: Not a problem! You can buy one of the data add-ons here.  [EF1] These will auto-renew monthly until you request to cancel. To read our data overage policy click here. 


Steps to activate LTE on your device:

For Samsung:

1.      Select ‘Settings’ 2. Select ‘Connections’ 3. Select ‘Mobile Networks’ 4. Select ‘Network Mode’ 5. Select ‘LTE’

Your home screen should then change to ‘Digicel LTE’.

For iPhone:

1.      Select ‘Settings’ on your home screen 2. Select ‘Cellular’ 3. Select ‘Cellular Data Options’ 4. Select ‘Voice & Data’ 5. Select ‘LTE’

Your home screen should then change to ‘Digicel LTE’.

For other devices:

Every device is different. Try going into your settings to turn your network preference to LTE. If you have any questions or would like us to guide you, you can contact us at 500-5000, web chat with us at or visit us at our flagship store on Church Street.

*Please note that unlimited WhatsApp (messaging, voice, and video) and Facetime pulls from a 10GB allowance


Click here to learn more about data add-on options.

Click here to learn more about data buckets










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