Prepaid Easy Chat Voice Plans FAQs

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Prepaid Easy Chat Voice Plan FAQs

Q: What is Easy Chat?

A: Easy Chat is a weekly Talk and Text plan with unlimited local minutes and SMS.


Q: How do I get an Easy Chat plan?

A: Just dial *100# from your Digicel Prepaid phone and follow the onscreen prompts


Q: How much does Easy Chat cost?

A: Easy Chat costs $20 per week and the 4th consecutive week is free.


Q: Are there any additional benefits with Easy Chat?

A: After 3 consecutive Easy Chat subscriptions you get one week free.


Q: How do I get a Free Easy Chat 7 day plan on my 4th week?

A: You get 4th subscription free after every 3 consecutive subscriptions of the plan. This means you activate the plan 1st time and then you make sure there is at least $20 plus daily Government License fee of $0.32 credit in your account at the time of renewal for three weeks in a row. After 3 consecutive weeks of the plan renewing automatically, your 4th one will be free.


Q: Will I be reminded to ensure I have enough credit available prior to automatic renewal of my plan?

A: Yes. We will send you an SMS 24 hours in advance of plan expiry to remind you to have sufficient credit.


Q: How will I know I’m receiving a free Easy Chat plan?

A: After 3 consecutive weeks of the plan renewing automatically you will notice that no plan subscription charge has been deducted on your 4th week


Q: Can I add data to my Easy Chat Plan?

A: Yes. You can add a Go Social plan, a Daily Data plan or a Freedom Data Boost depending on your needs. Without a plan, data overage is $0.50 per MB when activated. See options here in our Standard Prepaid Rates. 


Q: Can I receive and make international calls?

A: International incoming calls are free on an Easy Chat plan. To make outgoing international calls, a standard rate of $0.75 will be charged.


Q: Are local incoming calls free?

A: Yes, just like international all local incoming calls are free anytime.


Q: What if I want to stop my Easy Chat plan from auto renewing?

A: Just give our Customer Care team a call on 500-5000 or visit us in store.

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Easy Chat Prepaid Voice Plan FAQ's