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LTE Data Overage FAQs

Q: How do I know how much data I’m using?

A: You can use the My Digicel App to view your balance. Click here to download the app:

Q: Will I be notified when I have used most of my data plan allowance?

A: On our new LTE plans, you will be notified when:

-          Basic, Core & Standard plans will be notified from 200MB remaining

-          Select & Premier plans will be notified from 500MB remaining

Q: I used all my data. What happens next?

A: You will automatically be allotted a data bucket of 250MB for $10 until your next bill cycle. If you use this data bucket (250MB) another data bucket will be added to your account. This cycle will continue until the next billing period. Don’t worry about losing track. You will be notified from 50MB of your data-bucket remaining.


Q: Do you have more data options?

A: Yes! If 250MB is not enough for you, you can buy one of the data add-ons below. These will auto-renew monthly until you request to cancel.









*Data add-ons will be added to your regular plan. For example, if you are on a ‘Basic’ plan with 1GB of data a month, and you buy a 1GB data add-on for $20, you will see 2GB of data every month, upon bill cycle renewal.

Q: How do I buy a data add-ons?

A: You can purchase a data add-on on the’ My Digicel’ app (download the app here: or, you can dial *777# SEND.

Please note that above reflects Domestic data only. Roaming not included.


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