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  • This page will help you understand how to input the Access Point Name settings correctly into your device across all major smartphone operating systems.
  • Go to the section that is most suitable for your device and follow the instructions to set up or reconfigure your data connection. 
  • This section can also be used for data connection troubleshooting.


iOS APN Settings (iOS Version 7.0 or later)

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.

Under APN enter "web.digicelbermuda.com" as shown in the images below.

If you wish to use your device as a Personal Hotspot, make sure the APN is also entered under "PERSONAL HOTSPOT'S APN" further down the page.

Be sure to leave everything else blank.



Andriod APN Settings - Lollipop Andriod Version (eg. Samsung S6 and S6 Edge)

Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  1. Click "Add" to create a new APN setting.
  2. Set the Name to "Digicel Bermuda" - for reference purposes.
  3. Set the APN to "web.digicelbermuda.com" as shown in the images below.
  4. Be sure to not change any other settings.
  5. Then click "More" then "Save"
  6. Once saved you should be back at the Access Point Names Page, make sure to "green" tick the NEW "Digicel Bermuda" APN.


Blackberry APN Settings

With BlackBerry, there is no need to configure any settings - the devices are preconfigured out of the box.

As long as you have an active data plan, you're on our superfast 4G internet and can start browsing immediately!

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APN Settings