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Set Your Tablet & Laptop Free

Q: What is the Set Your Laptop & Tablet Free Promotion?

A: A limited time offer to get big discounts off the standard price for selected laptops and tablets when bought with a Postpaid Mobile Internet plan.

Q: How long with the “Set Your Laptop & Tablet Free” promotion run for?

A: The “Set Your Tablet Free” Promotion starts at 12:01am, Thursday, October 15th 2015.  The “Set Your Tablet Free” Promotion ends 11:59pm, Saturday, January 30th 2016.

Q: How can I get a FREE Laptop or Tablet with this offer?

A: This is dependent on the broadband plan selected, and contract being signed. At the moment you can get the free offer with our new 20GB broadband plan on a 24 months agreement. In addition, you can get huge discounts on any of our laptops or tablets by selecting other plans.

Q: If the full amount of data is not used in the one month period, can it be carried over into my next billing period?

A: No, remaining data will not be carried over at the end of each month.

Q: If I am an existing postpaid Digicel customer, am I eligible to take advantage of Set Your Laptop & Tablet Free Promotion?

A: If you are a Digicel customer currently out of an agreement, or do not have an existing Mobile Internet Plan, you may avail of the Set Your Laptop & Tablet Free Promotion by signing up for a 24 month Mobile Internet Plan.

Customers with less than 6 months of commitment remaining (on a Postpaid Mobile Internet Plan), may take advantage of the Set Your Laptop & Tablet Free Promotion, however you are required to commit to a 24 month Postpaid Mobile Internet Plan.

Customers with more than 6 months (on a Postpaid Mobile Internet Plan) remaining are not eligible for discounted device pricing but may still purchase a tablet at the Upgrade pricing.  This may also change your commitment period.  For Laptops you can purchase at the Standalone pricing.

Q: “Do I need to sign up for a certain plan?”

A: No matter what postpaid plan you decide is best for you, you will get a discount on the price of a new laptop or tablet compared to the Prepaid or Standalone pricing. The discount you receive will depend on the plan you sign up for. Full details of the plans can be found here.

Q: How do I know which plan is right for me?

A: Our retail and care teams are happy to discuss your mobile internet needs and determine the plan is best suited to you. Simply visit any Digicel retail store, or contact Customer Care via 500-5000.

Q: What happens if I sign up to one plan and then change my mind, can I adjust the plan?

A: During your committed (24 month) term there are restrictions.  You are able to migrate to a higher plan at any time, however you are not able to downgrade to a plan lower than that initially signed for. This means that if you sign up to 5GB plan and then three months later decide you need more data; you can migrate to a 10GB plan. Thereafter, you may move down to a 5GB plan but not to a 1GB plan, as that is below the initial 5GB plan originally signed up to.

Q: Is there any activation fee for new customers?

A: Yes, there will be a one-time $25 SIM charge and a $20 activation fee for new customers.

Q: Can I make calls with this plan?

A: You will not be able to make voice calls using mobile broadband plans, as these SIMs are data only. You may however, use VoIP (voice over IP). Local data charges will be apply. If you are roaming, then roaming charges will be apply.

Q: Do I need to buy a dongle for my laptop separately?

A: No, a dongle (modem) is included in the price of your new device for laptops.  Tablets do not need anything else as the SIM can be inserted directly.  There is no further discount on laptops for not taking a dongle (if you have a compatible one already).  The Standalone price for laptops does not include a dongle.

Q:  What happens when I reach my plan limits?

A: It depends on your plan. If you are on a capped plan, you will not be able to continue to use your service until your new billing month starts. If you are not on a capped plan, you will enjoy uninterrupted service at a rate of $0.05 per MB.

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