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#GETGIFTED Christmas Campaign- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the Christmas promotions start?

A: The Christmas promotion starts on November 21st 2016 online and at the Digicel Church Street store.


Q: When does this promotion end?

A: The Christmas promotion and related offers are valid through to December 31st 2016, or once promotional supplies are exhausted.


Q: How does the Christmas Postpaid promotion work?

A: Digicel’s Christmas Postpaid promotion is $100 extra off a smartphone handset purchase with a Smartphone Plan.


This Promotion is open to new and existing Postpaid customers purchasing a smartphone device with a 2 year agreement.  Customers who deactivate their existing accounts will NOT be eligible for this promotion.

Prepaid customer are not eligible for the hardware device sales. 


Q: If I am an existing Postpaid customer, may I take advantage of this Christmas Postpaid promotion?

A: If you are a Digicel Postpaid customer currently out of contract, or if you have six months or less remaining on your current agreement, you may purchase a smartphone device at the noted pricing, inclusive of the extra $100 off, by extending your agreement from the date of purchase by 2 years.

If you have more than six months remaining on your agreement, you are not eligible. You may still purchase a phone at the upgrade price. 

Any existing customer wishing to purchase a new device must be in good standing at the time of purchase.


Q: If I am a Prepaid customer, am I eligible to take advantage of the $100 extra off a handset and activation Christmas promotion purchase?

A:  No. This $100 off promotion is only available to Postpaid customers. As a Prepaid customer, you can benefit from the FREE social media offer which you will receive with a new activation purchase between November 21st and December 31st


Q: How does the Christmas Prepaid[SB7] [EF8]  promotion work?

A: With a new Prepaid activation, you will receive 30 days of free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram usage from the time of activation.  The promotion is called ‘Christmas Social Plan’ and you can access it through the MyDigicel app. Free use for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter means content within the main app only, e.g. not Facebook Messenger and not content outside of the app even if it is linked. Free use of WhatsApp means the sending and receipt of messages, e.g. not calls.”  Additional social media activities will incur standard data use or charges. There are no auto-renewals on this promotion.


Q: How can I get the Prepaid promotion on the MyDigicel app?

A: You can find the Christmas Social Plan on ‘My Plans’. Just click the picture of ‘Christmas Social Plan’ and select ‘yes’ to activate.


Q: If I am an existing Digicel Prepaid customer, am I eligible?

A: Sorry no, this is for new Prepaid activations, however you do have the full range of best value plans also available through MyDigicel App and our loyal customers are eligible for exclusive benefits such as XtndMe.


Q: How does getting a “free gift with purchase” work?

A: During the Christmas #GETGIFTED promotion, after you purchase a Christmas Postpaid or Prepaid offer, you will pick a gift box / envelope from our tree. For Prepaid, only new activations including a Freedom Bundle will qualify to get a gift from the tree.  Each envelope will have a card with a gift written on it.  The envelopes need to be opened at the desk with a sales representative and then the gift can be redeemed immediately or redeemed by December 31st.”


Q. What are the “free gifts” and can I exchange them?

A: The free gifts range in value from a water bottle to a 40” Samsung smart TV.  They also include Digicel credit ($10, $20 or $50), 3 months Free of d’Music, earphones, Apple TVs, Alcatel tablets, and various gift certificates for local businesses.  The free gifts are like a ‘raffle draw’ – sorry no swaps, requests to try again, no exchanges for cash and no refunds once the envelope is opened.  The Digicel agents do not know what is in each envelope so good luck when you open! 


Q: What is the Samsung Christmas promotion?

A:  In addition to our Postpaid $100 off Christmas offer, all Samsung handset purchases will have a chance to win a weekly raffle. 


Q: Do I have to sign up to a certain plan within the Smartphone Plan to get the extra $100 discount?

A:  No matter what plan you decide is best for you, you will get a $100 discount on the price of a new device. The discount you receive will depend on the plan you sign up for- with some devices being FREE.

Q: How does the Samsung raffle work?

A:  You must enter a ticket with your name and contact information to enter the draw. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of every week starting November 25th until the end of the promotion, December 31st 2016. All Samsung raffle prices must be collected by January 31st 2017.


Q: What are the Samsung promotion raffle prizes?

A:  Samsung prizes include headsets, virtual reality goggles and speakers.


Q: If I win the VR Goggles, can I use them with any Samsung device?

A:  No, virtual reality Goggles only work with the Note 5, S6, S6+, S7


Make A Wish Promotion

Q: How do I enter the Make A Wish Promotion?

A: Anyone, even people who are not Digicel customers, can Make A Wish on the Digicel mobile site. Wishes can be made at any time from November 21st to December 23rd. The mobile site will have a calendar with 15 working days (spanning December 5th until December 23rd) with a specific gift assigned to each of these, the “Gift Days”. Visitors to the site can wish on as many gifts as they want, for as many people as they want.  At the end of each Gift Day, a winner will be randomly selected for example, for December 5th, the wishing will end at midnight with the winner then selected and informed (using the contact details submitted) on the 6th to arrange gift collection. If the winner cannot be contacted by midday on the 6th a new winner will be selected.  A winner can only win one gift under this Make A Wish[EF15]  promotion.  If he/she is randomly selected for a second gift, a new winner will be picked. All wishers and winners agree to participate in publicity. The Make A Wish promotion is only open to Residents of Bermuda. As a Digicel customer, this service is “zero-rated,” meaning free to use.  Any other provider may charge users for use of data/sms.


Q: Can I exchange my gift?

A: The free gifts are like a ‘raffle draw’ – sorry no swaps, requests to try again, no exchanges for cash and no refunds on gifts won.


Q: When does the Make A Wish Promotion Start?

A: People can start making a wish as of November 21st. The first gift will be drawn at random December 6th.


Q: When does the Make A Wish Promotion end?

A: The last day for making a wish is December 23rd







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