How Much Mobile Phone Storage Do You Need?

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How Much Mobile Phone Storage Do You Need?

Choosing the amount of storage you need for your phone is more often than not decided by how you use it. You will find yourself asking should I spend more money to get the extra memory and if I get a lower amount will I run out?

Let’s look at the biggest culprits for taking up space on your phone. As you read you will get clear sense of how much space you need.

1. Photos

Everyone takes photos with their smartphones: selfies, food, kids, pets, airplane window shots, sunsets…the list goes on.  Because we now always have the ability to take a photo whenever we like we tend to take a LOT. Photos taken with smartphones are improving in quality, which is why you might see them increase in size.

1GB will roughly hold about 256 photos. Here’s a guide to give you an idea of how many photos a phone can store:

  • 16GB = 4096 photos
  • 32GB = 8192 photos
  • 64GB = 16384 photos

Put it this way, if you take 10 photos a day you’ll use up 16GB in about a year.

We recommend a little ‘spring clean’ every so often. Do you really need 20 photos of your baby nephew in the same pose or that cat photo you took two years ago? By not storing every single photo you take on your phone 32GB is enough for you. If you create album after album then you may well need more space. We’re are saying delete photos but transferring them to a computer or larger storage space such as Google or DropBox.

16GB or 32GB?  16GB is enough.

2.  Social Media

What’s the point of a smart phone without social media apps? We wouldn’t dare for a second you don’t have these on your phone in order to save space but maybe you signed up to Snapchat years ago and haven’t used it since? That’s 44.7MB saved.  Here’s what space social media channels and messenger apps are gobbling up:

Snapchat – 44.70MB

Facebook Messenger – 21.79MB

WhatsApp – 19.86MB

Instagram – 10.56MB

16GB or 32GB?  16GB is enough unless you are very active on every social media channel, taking a lot of photos and have an album for content for each social channel.

*Storage is one thing. Using your data on social media is another. That’s why we have FREE social media usage with our Prepaid Freedom Bundles at no extra cost.

3. Game Apps

Maybe you’re a bit of gamer or always have trouble putting down Candy Crush? It’s no surprise that mobile game apps continue to grow in size. Newer games can range from 40MB to over 1GB as a result of better graphics, faster response time and more in-depth storylines. To give you an idea of amount of space these games take up on your phone here’s a short-list of some of the most popular games:

Boom Beach – 75.98MB

Candy Crush Soda Saga – 64.68MB

Templar Battle Force – 55.51MB

Clash of Clans – 54.86MB

Mobile Strike – 43.63MB

16GB or 32GB? If you’re a casual gamer then the former. If you have a few games on the go combined with a lot of music files or photos than think bigger.

4. Music

There are very few of us who don’t have some music files on our phones. Be it commuting on public transport, in the gym or going for a walk a good song helps our mood.  However music files take up a lot of space. For example, if a four minute song was 5MB in size, 1GB would give your approximately 200 songs.

If you are a big music fans and want a lot of albums and playlists at your fingertips then we recommend an online streaming service like Spotify (26.44MB). Plus it makes it easier to create your own playlists from their library.

 16GB or 32GB?  Get a music streaming service and opt for 16GB.

If you a mix of all the above and your phone is an essential part of your life in terms of photo and music storage and is app heavy then you need to consider 32GB plus. For those of you that have a low amount of apps, a few photo albums and playlists then 32GB is right for you. If you do go with 32GB or lower, and find yourself running out of space you can always get a memory card for your phone for extra space.

One last tip to ensure you have enough space is to clear any downloads you no longer need and get rid of any apps you don’t use

Whatever amount of storage you decide on you can get your next phone for free with our best value Postpaid plans.

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How Much Mobile Phone Storage Do You Need?