Get more from your Android phone

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Get more from your Android phone

Get more from your Android with these eight clever tips and tricks. As there are different versions of Android out there each manufacturer will have slightly different options on their menus so it may not be exactly as described below.


Screen pinning

Unless you really trust someone handing your phone over to someone it’s risky for many different reasons. Screen pinning only provides access to a single app, which you “pin” to your home screen and keep people out of everything else. It’s especially useful if you have children who use your phone to play games on it. To enable it go to Settings>Security>Screen Pinning. It may be under different menus depending on your phone manufacturer; for example, the Galaxy S6 has it under Settings>Lock Screen and Security>Other Security Settings>Pin Windows.


Map zoom

Here’s a handy one for Google Maps. If you using Google Maps with one hand – not while you’re driving! – double tap the screen to zoom-in on a location, rather than pinching the screen.


Do Not Disturb

Late night notifications disturbing your sleep? Rather than turning off your phone (if only you could and still have the alarm!) you can use the Do Not Disturb feature which will prevent notifications during a certain time, for example Friday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm.

To enable go to Settings>Do Not Disturb. You can also set exceptions, Settings>Do Not Disturb>Allow Exceptions


Make notifications a priority or not

In Settings tap Notifications which will give you the option to allow notifications from apps and set them as a priority so notifications will come through even when Do Not Disturb is on, preview in pop ups, or hide the content from the lock screen. You will find this in Advanced then by tapping on the app’s icon.


Call Blocking

Open the phone app and tap the menu or more button>Settings in the top right of the screen. There you can choose to block anonymous calls and add numbers to your block list.


Quick Settings

As you know you can quickly access a limited number of settings with one swipe down, which requires a second swipe down to get the full quick settings. Save a whole second of your life by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers, which gives you access to the full quick settings menu with one swipe rather than two.


Split Screen mode

Familiar with Split Screen mode? No? well multi-tasking is here which allows you to use two apps side by side. To use it, simply open one app, then tap and hold the Recent Apps button on your device (the one in the bottom left) when you have an app open.  Split screen will be activated and you can the then open the second app you want to use. Unfortunately, not all apps support split screen and a pop up will tell you if you’re trying to use an app that isn’t compatible.


Hidden game

Did you know Android comes with a hidden game? Go to Settings>About Device>Software Info and repeatedly tap on Android version. A logo will appear in the middle of the screen, tap it until the game appears. You’ll either find it very addictive or annoying!

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Get more from your Android phone