App of the Week: Triller

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App of the Week: Triller

You all have the most popular apps on your phone. From TripAdvisror to Tinder. But what about all the thousands of other apps out there that can make your life easier, or at the very least waste a few hours entertaining you!

Over the coming weeks we will sift through the Play store and iTune to bring you our App of the Week. From travel to entertainment to business, we’ll serve up a selection of apps that we think you will enjoy or get real benefit from.

First up is Triller. Ever wanted a soundtrack to your life or wanted to star in your own music video? Triller is fun, easy to use and FREE! Apparently award award-winning music video director Colin Tilley, who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Usher and Justin Timberlake, was involved with it’s development.

You can select one of the many songs that the app provides or any song from your own music library. Second, choose a filter and a speed setting: slo-mo, regular, or sped up. Then simply select which section of the song you want to use and start filming your video.

Not happy with the first take? What serious music producer is! Triller allows multiple takes until we get the shots you’re happy with. Then with the tap of a button the app pieces all the shots together to create your music video.

One tip, chose a song you know the lyrics to so you can sing along as the app doesn’t provide the words. So gather your friends, co-workers and/or family members, pick your favourite song and get creative!

Triller takes the hassle out of editing for you and that positive is also one of its drawbacks. Not being able to select which take goes where does remove a large element of creativity but then again it can be fun not knowing what to expect once it’s finished

If you do use the app please do share the final result with us on our Facebook page!

Download the Triller app on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.


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App of the Week: Triller