7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

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7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

Did you get a new iPhone recently or maybe you’ve always been an Apple fan? Either way here’s a few hidden tips that you mightn’t know about.


    1. Force touch on the keyboard and you’ll be able to move your cursor around like around like a touch pad.

    2. Do it again to highlight a word, twice to highlight a sentence and three times to highlight a paragraph.

    3. We all know you can create your own ringtones but create your own vibration patterns for notifications? Here’s how:

        Settings –> sounds –> ringtone –> vibration –> create new vibration and tap to create.

    4. Delete single digits on the calculator by swiping left to right in the black space above the digits.

    5. Force touch on the flashlight to change the brightness.

    6. Speed up your texting ability by tapping the space bar twice to insert a full stop and a space for the start of a new sentence.

    7. To quickly get back to the top of a page just tap the top of the screen near the clock.


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7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7