7 Great Instagram Tips

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7 Great Instagram Tips

stagram was designed for this beautiful island of ours. Get more from the app with these seven useful tips.

1. Adjust perspective and rotate photos

Is your photo slightly at an angle? Maybe you would like it to be? No problem. To access the straighten and adjust perspective tools once you take your photo, tap the wrench icon on the bottom right, then tap ‘Adjust’.

Simply swipe right or left on the range of bars under the photo to adjust the degree. Adjust the vertical and horizontal perspective by tapping on the vertical and horizontal symbols.  You can also rotate a photo by hitting the rotate icon in the upper right corner.

2. Manage your filters

Be it Moon, Lo-Fi or Mayfair or whatever your favourite filter is you can pick which filters you want, rather than all 30+ of them, and sort them in order you want them to appear.


To do this, swipe to the end of the filters and tap the ‘Manage’ gear icon. Then untick the filters you don’t want to appear. Drag and drop them to sort them in the order you want them to appear.

3. Change the cover thumbnail on your video

Made a nice video but don’t like the thumbnail Instagram has selected? Here’s how to pick your own. Take your video and before you post it tap the square icon, in the middle above the row of filters. Now you can pick your cover photo from the options along the bottom. Tap or slide across to find the best one.

4. Edit your uploads

Did you type sundet instead of sunset? No problem.  To edit the description on an upload, tap the °°° on the right side below the upload, tap ‘Edit’ which allows you to edit your description, add more hashtags, add a location and tag a person.

5. Send photos to your friends

Message your friends with Instagram Direct. What’s that you say? See that  box or in-tray icon in the top right corner of your feed? That’s where you receive private messages from people.

You can also use it to send photos to you friends. Tap on the box icon, then tap the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner. You now have the option to send a message, or a photo or video to someone in your contacts list.

To send a photo from your feed to your friend, tap the right ponting arrow icon below a photo and to  bring up your ‘SEND TO’ list, and from there just select the person you want to send it to.

6. Supercharge your Instagramming with Instagram Apps

If you are really into your photos and how you want them to appear Instagram has has three standalone apps that are pretty useful.

Hyperlapse (iPhone only) allows you to creating time-lapse videos. Layout  creates collaged images and Boomerang is great for creating simple looping short videos. When you’re done making great photos in these apps, you can easily import them to Instagram for further editing or posting.

7. See the photos that you’ve liked

Ever wanted to see what uploads you’ve liked?

Instagram saves the 300 most recent photos or videos you’ve liked. To take a trip down memory lane, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner on your profile, and under ‘ACCOUNT’ you’ll find ‘Posts You’ve Liked.’

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7 Great Instagram Tips